Advocating for ELLs

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Books and films to build empathy around refugees
This list of resources was compiled by participants in the collegial circle: Advocating for English Language Learners based on a book written by Diane Staehr-Fenner and moderated by Mid-West RBERN. One of the best ways to advocate for your ELLs is to help fellow students, colleagues, and school administration understand what it feels like to be an ELL. Creating a community wide sense of empathy helps create a sense of shared responsibility. These resources are to aid you in your advocacy work.
Videos, links and books recommended by Dr. Jan Stewart for better understanding and supporting our immigrant and refugee students who have experienced trauma. Compiled by Cori Smith.

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Taking a Museum Tour in Spanish: What It Feels Like to Be a Language Learner
Lydia Breiseth, Manager of Colorín Colorado, shares an experience she had while taking a museum tour in Spanish. Even though she felt excited about taking the tour at an old textile factory at first, she soon lost track of the guide's discussion and describes her quick descent into boredom and frustration. Lydia reflects on how her experience compares with what an ELL might feel and also talks about the things that would have made the visit more positive.   
Educating English Language Learners in an Age of Anti-Immigrant Scapegoating
Sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers, this conversation series is designed to engender lively and informative discussions on important educational issues.
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