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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

High School Equivalency Preparation Program

Please note that the information provided below and on subsequent pages is not an endorsement for students to choose the High School Equivalency.  Students are strongly encouraged to discuss this option with their family and school district, should they be interested. 
NYSED approved for students 16-21 years of age
  • Students must be referred by a component district of BOCES 2.
  • An academic screening test and intake meeting are required prior to entry. The test and intake meeting are conducted at BOCES 2 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center by the school counselor.
  • The program is open to students with disabilities.
  • The program operates on the CTE campus in Spencerport during the morning session.
  • Students may opt to enroll in a Career and Technical Education class in the afternoon. For some students, the afternoon class is a requirement.
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