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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

High School Equivalency Intake Process

A. Considerations

  • Please do not expect the intake process to begin prior to a formal referral being submitted
  • Please do not direct parents to contact CTE prior to the formal referral without notifying the School Counselor at CTE

B. Process

Achievement Test

  1. Student is administered a TASC pretest
  2. Testing is administered over two consecutive morning session at WEMOCO
  3. The pretest is given without time limit, solo, in a separate location (no calculators)
  4. The pretest cannot be read to students
  5. Parent(s) and students meet with the CTE School Counselor immediately after completing the pretest, but can be done at another time

Intake Meeting

  1. Held at BOCES 2 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center
  2. Approximately 1 hour long
  3. Student and at least one parent/guardian required
  4. Topics covered
    • Pretest results and implications
    • What student can expect
    • Student expectations
    • TASC construction and implications
    • Career & Technical Education class options
    • Post-secondary planning (college, employment, apprenticeships, military, etc.)
  5. Enrollment decision made based on pretest results and intake meeting


  1. CTE School Counselor contacts referring party with outcome of intake meeting
  2. For students entering the High School Equivalency Preparation program, the district coordinates transportation details and communicates them to student/parent/guardian
  3. Students who are not accepted into the program are referred back to district