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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

College Credit Options for Participating Students

(10 hours available)
  • ENG 101 (GCC) 
  • SVL  101 (MCC)
  • ECO 101 (MCC)
(12 hours available)
  • ENG 101 (GCC)
  • SVL  101 (MCC)
  • ECO 101 (MCC)
  • HED 130 (MCC) 
(16 hours available)
  • ENG 101 (GCC)
  • ECO 101 (MCC)
  • CRJ 101 (MCC)
  • CRJ 121 (MCC)

ENG 101: English Communications 1
Genesee Community College (3 credits)
  • Provides an overview of the six basic aims of discourse 
  • Gives students experience with expressive, exploratory, informative, persuasive writing, research methods, and MLA style documentation
SVL 101: Service Learning Seminar
Monroe Community College (3 credits)
  • Provides opportunity for students to volunteer at non-profit agencies
  • Students will perform meaningful services based on agency need and career interests
ECO 101: Introduction to Economics
Monroe Community College (3 credits)
  • Assists understanding of the economic environment in which we live, work, and vote
  • Specific issues include economic systems, the business cycle, inflation, employment, gross national product, national debt, fiscal and monetary policy, etc.
HED 130: Foundations of Personal Health and Wellness
Monroe Community College (3 credits)
  • Focus on societal influences and applied concept of wellness
  • Specific issues include multiple dimensions of health, lifestyle, and prevention of diseases
  • Explores choices that promote health and wellness  
CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Monroe Community College (3 credits)
  • Examines three segments of criminal justice system: enforcement, courts, and correction
  • Focus on the constitution, state and federal law  
CRJ 121: Criminal Justice Education Internship
Monroe Community College (3 credits)
  • Enhances theoretical concepts with practical work experiences with cooperative agency
  • Seminars and related coursework enhance educational value

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