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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

9/10 Exploration Program

  • Provide an alternative educational setting and methodology for 9th and 10 graders
  • Engage students in relevant and rigorous curriculum leading to a NYSED Regents Diploma
  • Reconnect students with the value of learning
  • Increase student retention
Core Beliefs

• All students have the right to educational programs that are best suited to their learning styles
• All students have the innate drive to seek information, understand the world around them and gain awareness of their place in the communities that they are members of
• Learning environments are at their best when they are safe (physically & emotionally), responsible and respectful
• Educators are powerful role models; we are at our best when we work as a team, student & family, district, WEMOCO and the community at large

• An individualized, strength-based approach to student learning
• Small group instruction (~10 students per class)
• Sound core academic instruction augmented by Career and Technical Education classes, designed for ninth- and 10th-graders

• Career and Technical Education curriculum is:
       • Exciting and teen-friendly
       • Fast paced
       • Continuously developing skills that are readily transferred to the world of work
       • Instilling a post-secondary pursuit of industry specific skills
       • Connected to reading, writing and math acumen to workplace competency and advancement

Current Structure
• Students attend their home high school in the morning
• Students attend the CTE Exploration Program during the afternoon session at WEMOCO (12–2:40 p.m.)
• Students take the following classes within the program, all worth one credit:
       • English 9 or English 10
       • Integrated Algebra (preparing for Algebra Regents) or CTE Math (Algebra reinforcement and Geometry preparation)
       • Prepared Foods
       • Building Roads to the Future: the NYSDOT provides a major portion of the curriculum

• Can students who are classified or have 504 Plans attend the program?
Yes, classified students can be accepted. However, classified students generally have more options than gen-ed students and the CTE Exploration Program does not offer the same supports as designated special education programs
• Can students enter the program after September?
Yes, the program accepts students throughout the school year. WEMOCO’s intake counselor will help with the transition.
• What about grades?
Students will receive four grades every quarter, one for each class. The grades will be sent to the district for inclusion on report cards and transcripts
• How do I enroll a student in the program?
Contact your school counselor or case manager.