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New Visions Justice Professions

Course Description
1-year Grade 12 program selected through application process

New Visions Justice is a selective career and college preparatory program that combines academics with experiential immersive learning. Three days a week, students take academic classes at the Monroe County Sheriff's office. Two days a week, they intern with law enforcement agencies, legal offices and local courts. 

Areas of Professional Inquiry
•  Police Officer
•  Lawyer
•  Corrections Officer

•  Investigator
•  Forensic Psychologist
•  Judge
•  Military
•  Federal law enforcement (FBI, ICE, Customs and Border Patrol)
•  Related positions within justice professions

Career Placement Opportunities 

•  City/County Courts
•  Police Agencies
•  Law Offices

Field Trips & Guest Speakers
•  County Sheriff
•  K-9 Unit
•  SWAT Team
•  Bomb Squad
•  Mounted Patrol
•  Marine Unit
•  Parks Patrol
•  Crime Lab
•  City and County Courts
•  County agencies
•  Politiicans
•  Federal Building
•  Attica Correctional Facility

Stephanie Kula

Dual Enrollment Courses

• Monroe Community College: English 101
Monroe Community College: CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Monroe Community College: CRJ 121: Criminal Justice Education Internship
Monroe Community College: ECO 101: Introduction to Economics