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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Building Trades

Course Description

Students will explore various entry level jobs in the building and grounds maintenance industry. Students will learn skills and be able to use equipment related to interior and exterior maintenance and repair, as well as basic landscaping.

The foundation of the Building Trades curriculum is career readiness and teaching students the necessary transferable skills necessary to be successful in the post-secondary world.

Units of Study
• Career Development and Exploration
• Career Readiness
• Growing Towards Independence
• Career Readiness Portfolio
• Classroom Orientation and Safety
• Fall Exterior Maintenance
• Waste Management/Removal
• Inventory Procedures/Organizational Tasks
• Snow Removal and De-icing
• Interior Maintenance/Cleaning
• Electrical Device Maintenance
• Plumbing Maintenance
• Drywall Repair/Replacement
• Preparation and Painting of Walls
• Spring Exterior Grounds Maintenance
• Appliance and Furniture Transportation/Relocation
• Career and Financial Management

Applied Academics
Literacy In Technical Subjects 

• Read and understand complex texts 
• Use evidence to respond to text through classroom discussion and written responses 
• Understand and apply academic and content vocabulary, within knowledge and performance activities 
• Use basic operations with whole number, fractions and decimals
• Functional math as it relates to measurement, time, and money in the workplace

Program Considerations

• A Career and Technical Education (CTE) program taught by a certified CTE teacher in the specific content area
• Smaller class sizes and additional program support
• Student placement is typically determined by the student’s school district and addresses the individual needs of each student

College and Career Pathways

Post-Secondary Connections 

CSE Committees and Transition Counselors assist with links to community agencies that provide services after students who complete high school. The following agencies will evaluate the skills students have acquired through their participation in Building Trades.
• NYS Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation ACCESS-VR
• NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities OPWDD

Employment Opportunities 
Entry level positions in building and grounds maintenance

Further Educational Opportunities 
• See information under Post-Secondary Connections


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