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Machining w/CNC Fundamentals

This program offers training in the general use of the basic components of the manual mill. Common fixtures, cutting tools, and tool holders used on the mill will also be discussed. Introduction to Computer Control Programming and operation of machining tooling through HAAS Programming System control panels will provide necessary skills for an entry-level, multi-skilled machine operator position.  Included in this 700-hour training program is an 80-hour internship at one of the prominent machine shops in the Rochester community.

Industry Certification: CFC/EPA Certification

Next Start Date:  September 19

Program Length: 20 weeks/600 hours (2-week work-based experience included)

Class Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Tuition: $7700 (includes books/exam fees)

Download the Machining w/CNC Fundamentals Info Sheet.

Information sessions are held every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.   Register to attend one here or by calling (585) 349-9100.

Veteran-Approved Training

Manual Machining Fundamentals



-    Tolerancing, Auxiliary Views

-    Sectional Views, Assembly Drawing

-    Drawing Size

-    Ferrous Metals and Alloys


CNC & Shop Math

-    Fractions, Decimals, Algebra

-    Geometry in Tool, Milling, Drill

-    Angles, Polygons

-    Propositions, Trigonometry

-    Pythagorean Theorem

Precision Measuring Tools/Hand Tools

-    Ruler, Micrometer Caliper

-    Vernier Measuring Tools, Gauges

-    Dial Indicators

-    Clamping Devices, Files Reamers

-    Hand Treading, Hand Polishing

Vertical Mill Theory & Hands-On

-    Milling Machine Care/Operations

-    Slitting/Slotting

-    Drilling and Boring

-    Safety Precautions

Shop Safety

-    General Machine & Tool Safety

-    Fire Safety

-    Environmental Safety Hazards

Lathe Theory & Hands-On

-    Major Parts of a Lathe

-    Cutting Tools and Tool Holders

-    Using Lathe Chucks

-    Parting Operations

CNC Machining Fundamentals

Numerical Control and CNC

-    Origins of numerical control

-    Advantages of using CNC machine tools

-    Duties of a Programmer

-    Machine Components

-    Intro to Computer Aided Design - CNC

-    Intro to Computer Aided Machining – CAM

-    Self-paced online classes through Tooling U

-    Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

-    Intro to Blueprint Reading

Machining Centers

-    Tools, Inserts, Speeds, & Feeds

-    Carbide Insert Fundamentals Process

-    Programming Codes and Process

Axis and Coordinate System

-    Polar Coordinates

-    Absolute Measuring System

-    Incremental Measuring System

-    Machine Zero and Program Zero

-    Cartesian Coordinates – Mill & Lathe Systems

Program Format – Vertical Machining

-    Canned Cycles for Machining Centers

-    Turning Centers, Turning Tools, Inserts, Speeds

-    Programming Process & Codes


Other Studies


Obtainable Certifications

-     OSHA 1910.178 Authorized Forklift

-    OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety Certificate

-    Greens Awareness Certification

Customer Service for Skilled Trades

-    Professional Appearance/Company Image

-    Turning Service into Sales

Computer Skills

-    E-mail Accounts/Computer Concepts

-    Keyboarding/Office 2010 Introduction

Employment Skills Development

-    Job Search Resources & Techniques

-    Interview Preparation

-    Career Exploration

-    Professional Resume Development


Instructor: Garland Solt,

NY State Education Dept - Adult Education Certificate (PENDING)

20+ years as a BOCES 2 Adult Education Instructor

30+ years experience in Skilled Trades Industry/EPA Universal Certification


Instructor: Paul Pettrone,

EPA Universal Certification

OSHA Construction Safety and Health

Emergency Medical Technician, R-410A Safety

Gaslight Pipe

Forklift Operator

Instructor: Tony Meleo,

NY State Education Dept - Adult Education Certificate

ACCA/EPA Universal Certification (Section 608), OSHA 10, Forklift, 410A, Greens Awareness

25+ Years Experience in Building Trades Industry

Instructor: Darryl Duge,

NY State Education Dept - Adult Education Certificate

2+ Years BOCES 2 Adult Education Instructor

3 Years Experience in the HVAC Industry

ACCA/EPA Universal Certification

Welding/Brazing Certification

ESCO Institute Proctor

EPA Proctor

Gastite, OSHA, R410 Certification

2+ Years Electrical Instructor

Employment Counselor: Barb Harte,

NY State Education Dept - Adult Education Certificate

7+ Years BOCES 2 Adult Education Employment Counselor

30+ Years Experience in the Human Service, Case Management and Education

BS, English/Secondary Education, LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY

Instructor: Dianne Madore,

NY State Education Dept - Adult Education Certificate

MOS Word 2003 Certification

IC3 – Internet and Computing Core Certification

CompTIA: Network+, A+, Server+ and I-Net Certified

RIT Data Communications

Certified Online Instructor, COI

Online Course Creation Certified


Funding resources are available: Ask an Admission Advisor for more information.

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