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Every school library needs to establish a web presence that will give patrons 24/7 access to your many digital resources. We will be adding resources here to assist you with that. The Library Automation Team is also available to help you create or improve your library's web page. 

For each of your individual libraries we are recommending you put a link(s) to Destiny in a prominent place on your library web page.  You can find a list of direct links to each of your Classic and Quest catalogs on our Districts Online Catalog Links page.  Feel free to link to either Classic or Quest or both.  Do what will work best for your students and your instruction. We encourage you to use images as links (available on our Image page) and to add explanatory captions where they will be helpful. For example: 

Click here to find database articles.                   Click here to find books to read. 


If you already have a library website on your district's website, you can display a live, interactive version of it on your Destiny Home Page:

If you do not have the ability to create a library web page on your district's website, you may turn on your Destiny site's Home Page. Call us if you want to explore that option as it requires a more sophisticated knowledge of HTML code.

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