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Digital Resources

What is a digital resource? 

A digital resource is a file in the same way that a Word document is a file.  It could be a video file or an audio file or even a text file such as a pdf or a powerpoint.  Digital resources in Destiny will most often be video or audio files but Destiny does not restrict you to any format.  Common digital video file types are avi, flv, mov, mp4, SWF or wmv and common digital audio file types are AIFF, MP3, MPEG or WAV.   Refer to the overview provided here.  

Digital resources and Destiny

Digital resources in Destiny can be:

  • An audio or video book review associated with a specific title in your collection.
  • An audio or video book trailer attached to a specific title in your collection.
  • A link to an online video that enhances a title in your collection and is included as part of the title record.
  • Locally created content such as audio or video that does not relate to any titles in your collection but is a resource in its own right.
  • A video that you have purchased access to through a database subscription such as Safari Montage.

How can digital resources be added to Destiny?

We suggest you contact the Library Automation Team to find out where your district wants you to save digital files. Depending on where that is, you will either be adding a link to a MARC record or uploading a digital file to a MARC record. It could be a MARC record that already exists in your collection or a MARC record you create specifically to contain the digital resource. 

Please contact the BOCES2 Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011