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End of Year

Before librarians and staff leave for the summer, there are library automation tasks to complete:

  • Turn off any automated email notices going to staff, students or ILL patrons
  • Holds & Reserves - Decide if you need to delete them or leave active for the start of the next school year.
  • Please inform the Library Automation Team if the library will be open and/or circulating during the summer. This allows maintenance to be scheduled when it will not interrupt library operations. If the library will be used for summer school, let us know.
  • Some libraries need to submit reports with statistical information at the end of year. Some common ones are listed below.

Popular END OF YEAR Reports:

  • To find the items deleted/weeded: Reports>Library Reports> Weeding Log. Select the date ranges needed; by month, school year, calendar year.
  • Circulation statistics. Circulation>Library Information. Choose a date range.
  • BEDS’ type information: Reports>Library Reports>Statistics>Collection Statistics Summary

You can set up the library calendar for the next school year. Instructions and a tutorial are located on the "Back to School" help page.

Please contact the BOCES2 SLS Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011