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Axis 360 provides popular titles that can be downloaded to a personal device.

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Title Source 360 (Ordering from Baker & Taylor)


Monroe 2 BOCES

Brockport Barclay
Brockport Ginther
Brockport High
Brockport Hill
Brockport Oliver
Churchville - Chili Chestnut Ridge
Churchville - Chili Elementary
Churchville - Chili Fairbanks
Churchville - Chili High
Churchville - Chili Junior [MSS]
Churchville - Chili Intermediate [MSN]
Gates - Chili Armstrong
Gates - Chili Brasser
Gates - Chili Disney
Gates - Chili High
Gates - Chili Middle
Gates - Chili Paul Road
Greece Arcadia
Greece Athena
Greece Autumn Lane
Greece Brookside
Greece Buckman Hts.
Greece Craig Hill
Greece English Village
Greece Holmes Road
Greece Lakeshore
Greece Longridge
Greece Odyssey
Greece Olympia
Greece Paddy Hill
Greece Pine Brook
Greece West Ridge
Hilton High
Hilton Merton Williams
Hilton Northwood
Hilton Quest Ave
Hilton Village
Holley Elementary
Holley Jr./Sr. High
Kendall Elementary
Kendall Jr./Sr. High
Spencerport Bernabi
Spencerport Canal View
Spencerport Cosgrove
Spencerport Munn
Spencerport Terry Taylor
Spencerport Wilson
Wheatland High
Wheatland T.J. Connor

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    pdf AXIS360 Toolkit (PDF - 3.82 MB)
    Toolkit for librarian use. Includes an overview of formats and apps used for Access 360 eBooks. Step by step instructions for installing and using different devices and ordering digital content from Baker & Taylor are included.

    pdf pdf file: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) to view this file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC or Macintosh.