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Media Library (CoSER 530)

Provides educational media resources that enrich K through adult instruction, accommodate diverse learning styles, and support curriculum. Resources include access to streaming video through Learn 360, PBS LearningMedia, CCC! and BioMEDIA. Audiobooks available on iPods and a collection of literary audio tapes in support of language arts programs and the special needs of students are also available. Programs are reviewed by educators and selected for quality, appropriateness and relevance to education. Materials are rich in content and correlate to the New York State Learning Standards. Training and support are provided for media resources. Optimal resources such as Discovery Ed Video Streaming are also available at an additional cost. Among the services offered by this coser are off-air recording of educational television, cable, and satellite programs in accordance with copyright law. Duplication of media for instructional use is provided where permission is granted and covers VHS, DVD and audio tape. Our professional library collection offers a cost-effective way for educators to observe exemplary instructional practices and become current in new school improvement programs. Media resources are selected by professionals and feature experts presenting effective strategies, structures and behaviors which enhance professional growth. Cooperative purchasing provides schools with quality media programs which inform, train and educate.

Instructional Media Library Staffing Directory

Lindsay Neumire
(585) 349-9096