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All students, teachers and staff who work/attend a school district that belongs to the Media Library have permission to borrow iPod shuffles from the Media Library.  Library media specialists, librarians, or teachers can borrow iPods for students through our online ordering system the Media Portal and will need to keep track of which students are using them.


Printable Parent Permission File (Click to download).
The Media Library is loaning the iPod to the school and the school is loaning the iPod to the student.  Therefore, the Media Library will not have information regarding the individual student who has requested the iPod and will not keep track of students with a valid permission slips.  The permission slips are to be used at the discretion of the borrowing school/ library media specialist.  If the permission slip is used, it needs to be copied onto school letterhead and the school takes full responsibility of meeting the terms stated therein. The permission slip may be altered to meet the needs of the borrowing school. 

Printable Instruction File (Click to download).

The iPod will come preloaded with the audio book that has been requested.  No one is to alter the material on the iPod.

The teacher, librarian, or library media specialist will be responsible for loaning the iPod to the student, charging the battery (if needed), retrieving the iPod when the loan period is over, and returning the iPod to the Media Library.  Please retain the charger and give only the iPod and headphones to the student.  Keep the charger in a secure location until needed or until the unit is returned. The iPod will come to the requesting school and be returned to the Media Library via the same courier system used for DVD.

iPods are in high demand. Please do everything possible to return the iPod on time. If more time is needed, please request a renewal BEFORE the due date.  A renewal can be processed  by logging in to the Media Portal and selecting the "My Account" drop down menu.

Linking to Popular Titles

In some cases a librarian or ELA teacher may want to place links to specific audiobooks or audiobook lists in the Media Portal. The BOCES Instructional Media Library Specialist can assist you with this process. Below are a few examples of how this would work on your webpage.

Click here to book "To Kill a Mockingbird

Click here to see all "Grade 10 Module 1" audiobooks

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