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CCC!'s Streaming Media program is a K-12 cohesive approach to helping teachers create mastery learning in a wide variety of subjects including many STEM titles.

The CCC! STEM Library Includes

Leading Educational Programming From:

The National Science Foundation

Two full-length programs from the National Science Foundation pinpoint scientific discoveries and technological advances that made them possible. From astronomy to biology, these programs show how science and technology are changing the world as we know it.

The Eyes of Nye from Disney Educational Productions

Perfect for junior and senior high school classes, this 13-part series includes interviews with leading experts and shows students how to analyze facts before forming opinions. When students see the world through The Eyes of Nye, they'll learn how to evaluate even the most controversial topics.


Disneynature brings the dazzling wonders of the natural world to your classroom! Designed specifically for educators, these programs use gripping animal stories to illustrate important, standards-based lessons covering complex ecosystems, predator & prey relationships, and migration.

NATURE Science Education

Bring NATURE into your classroom with a new Sciences series from the award-winning producers of NATURE. New programs for 2012 offer stunning cinematography and engrossing stories that explore such concepts as climate change and its effect on habitat and animal populations, animal behavior, instinct & learning in newborn animals, and adaptation for survival, among others.

The Science of Disney Imagineering

Imagineers use science at Disney World and Disneyland to create and build unique attractions that delight Disney guests around the globe. This curriculum-based science series uses roller coasters, stunt shows, animatronics, and other irresistible examples to break down scientific. Just imagine what you could do if the whole world was your toolbox! Gold Awards for Educational Excellence! Teachers' Choice * Parents' Choice * Instructor Magazine

Planet H2O

Six case studies show how young students and professionals are helping to solve the growing problems of widespread overuse and abuse of our planet's most precious and limited resource: water. Both the positive and negative scientific and social implications of water's utilization are explored through a worldwide, multicultural point of view.

Technology & Architecture in Ancient Civilizations

Technology and architecture are two of the most enduring legacies of Ancient Civilizations. Dramatized reenactments, computer animation and on-location photography of historical remains show what is typical of Egyptian, Greek and Roman structures.

Human Impact on Our Ecosystems

This series is a spectacular, award-winning portrayal of the negative and positive effects we humans have had on the aquifers, springs, streaming, rivers, wetlands, and oceans that comprise over 2/3 of our planet. Each program is a case study of these water ecosystems, using high-definition footage and 3D animations to reveal, at both the micro and macro levels, what we have done to damage and now are dong to heal, the only home we have.

Algebra Inspirations & Applications

This brilliant series integrates guided instruction of Algebraic processes with real life applications of these operations. Each of the ten Algebra Inspirations programs takes students step-by-step through key curricular topics. Each of the ten corresponding Algebra Applications programs illustrates how these processes are use in scientific, technological, financial and other practical applications.

Geometry Applications

To the ancient Greeks, geometry literally meant "earth measurement." In the spirit of geometry as a global discipline, the Geometry Applications series travels the world in search of how it affects our lives. Although the core of Geometry involves abstract ideas, the applications of geometry are quiet tangible. This series introduces students to different cultures and different periods of history, investigating architectural and cultural landmarks to explore key applications in human history and contemporary settings.

Bill Nye's Solving for X

In Solving for X, beloved educator Bill Nye returns with an all-new, original series just for the classroom! Bill uses his colorful style to teach algebraic principles such as fractions, exponents and proportions. Bills use of real-world examples demystifies algebra while teaching students the key concepts they need to know.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

With 28 Emmys and a slew of other prestigious awards, Disney's resident way-cool scientist knows how to get kids fired up about science. Whether you're teaching earth science to elementary students or engaging in a complex discussion about genetics, Bill Nye's enthusiasm for all things science is contagious.

SmartMath Interactive Tutorials

Interactive and flash-based, these tutorials offer practice opportunities to help students build a solid foundation in the five learning dimensions of math: number and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability, and algebra.