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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES offers streaming video content via its Media Portal from various vendors.  We select high quality educational content to supplement the collections of videos we purchase from Learn360, PBS Learning Media, and CCC!.

BioMEDIA Associates

BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES is a group of biologists, teachers, educational designers and film-makers who collaborate to make learning programs for biology.

For schools and higher education, we have eight series currently in distribution, totaling 51 video programs and three CD-ROMS. Topics cover the biology curriculum with particular emphasis on cell biology, evolution, micro-organisms, the early history of life, and the major groups of living things. These programs are all described on this web site.

Visual Learning Systems

Visual Learning Systems is an educational science publisher whose mission is to reignite a passion for teaching and learning science. VLS' animators, designers, videographers, and producers led by Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D, masterfully use their experience in education to create powerful learning tools. Products include: eTextbooks, videos, images, animations and teacher's guides to support the K-14 science curriculum. eTextbooks features interactive 3-D animations, narrated videos, glossary, note cards, vocabulary flash cards, and assessment quizzes aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Video programs feature original live-action footage and animations, closed-captioning, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessments. Teacher's guides include preliminary and post-tests, laboratory investigations, vocabulary exercises, and hands-on activities. Visual Learning Systems' science videos are purchased by educational organizations throughout the United States and internationally, including K-12 Schools, Community Colleges, Dual Language and ESL Programs, Special Educators, Schools for the Deaf, District Media Centers, State Departments of Education, and Instructional Television Stations. Visual Learning Systems' products are adaptable to all learning styles and abilities.