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ccSpark! uses a fun, educational role-playing game called Sparkdale to help younger students (K-5) learn early in life about careers, life-planning, and social skills. Designed to meet the curriculum needs of young students. Trials available/school.

ccSpringboard (Career Cruising)

ccSpringboard (Career Cruising) is where exploration begins. It includes exceptionally accurate personal assessments, inspirational multi-media occupational profles, richly detailed career and college information, employment and industry information, and a personal portfolo with a Resume Builder. Ready-to-use classroom activities and other support materials are included. Individual school trials available upon request.

Method Test Prep (SAT/ACT Test Prep)

Method Test Prep is the most efficient, effective, and economical way to help students increase SAT and ACT test scores. Through personalized reporting tools, students are able to follow a pathway of learning that measures their strengths online.

ccRealGame (The Real Game)

ccReal Game (The Real Game) is a fully immersive experiential curriculum that teaches students about financial literacy, responsibility, and self-management, while helping them imagine the future they dream of living. Individual school trials available upon request.

ccPathfinder (Course Planner)

ccPathfinder (Course Planner) helps students build 4-year high school course plans which align perfectly with their career aspirations and graduation requirements, and integrates with schools' Student Information System (SIS) to streamline scheduling. Demonstration of product available upon request.

ccAchieve (Application Planner)

ccAchieve (Application Planner) helps students manage the complex process of applying to college and for scholarships, and submiting transcripts. Through our partnership with Docufide, secure education credentials can be sent from any SIS to any destination. Demonstration of product available upon request.