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The Core Curriculum Bundle

Features six of our award-winning databases for your cross-curriculum needs: American History, Science Online, Blooms Literary Reference, Writer's Reference Center, World Geo and Culture and World Almanac.

Classroom Video On Demand

The first true, dedicated high school video subscription service of its kind. The exceptional content is both sophisticated yet easily accessible, with material appropriate for basic through AP courses. All content is correlated to state and national educational standards, with dynamic citations in multiple formats.

Health Reference Center

Contains thousands of hyperlinked entries organized into five major categories—body systems, diseases and disorders, drug abuse and addiction, mental health and developmental disorders, and nutrition and wellness—plus important health content focusing on teens, women, men, children, and seniors.

Writer’s Reference Center

Provides users with a convenient one-stop location for all of the tools necessary to write and research effectively, from the mechanics of writing and grammar to style and research. Writing references are pulled from Facts On File’s extensive reference catalog, and more than 150 essays covering grammar, style, research, and more allow users to learn new concepts and find answers quickly.

Today’s Science

Bridges the gap between the science taught in the classroom and real-world discoveries. In addition to accurate, engaging, and timely articles written especially for students, this news service database includes a science fair guide, interviews with current scientists, suggestions for research topics, and much more.

American History Online

Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history. Thousands of biographies, subject entries, timeline entries, primary sources, images and videos, and maps cover the entire spectrum of the American experience, providing the most comprehensive range of information in a single source.

NEW!!!! NOW AVAILABLE - eBook Subscription Collections for Middle and High School eBook Subscription. Non-fiction - from Facts On File, Chelsea House and Ferguson. (ISBN: 978-1-4381-4473-3)

The World Almanac® for Kids Online

Expands on the contents of The World Almanac® for Kids print edition, along with other award-winning reference books from The World Almanac® and Facts On File. This engaging resource contains kid-friendly content, resources for reports and research, and a dynamic home page with daily features. A natural complement to the curriculum, this entertaining online site helps kids develop online research skills with a trusted source.

Learn 360 - Media Streaming K-12 solution

Thousands of videos, over 80,000 resources! Key producers and publishers. Great teacher resource, with activities, Teacher guides, 24/7 access, use with all mobile devices including iPads.

eLearning Modules

Provide focused, targeted coverage of core-curriculum topics. Designed for libraries and classrooms, eLearning Modules are a unique combination of our multivolume print series with rich media, including high-quality educational videos, images, and support materials that were created specifically to align with the content.Ø Biomes of the Earth OnlineØ Energy and the Environment OnlineØ Essential Chemistry OnlineØ Genes and Disease Online Ø Genetics and Evolution OnlineØ Global Warming OnlineØ Green Technology OnlineØ Physics in Action Online The Plant World OnlineØ The Human Body: How It Works OnlineØ Exploring Career Clusters OnlineØ Top Careers with a Two-Year Degree OnlineØ Global Exploration OnlineØ Great Empires of the Past OnlineØ America at War OnlineØ Life in America OnlineØ Your Government: How It Works Online

Bloom’s Literary Reference Online

The definitive source for literary criticism from Harold Bloom, with essays and criticism on thousands of great writers and their works, an archive of 46,000 characters, plus articles on topics and themes, specific advice on how to write good essays on popularly assigned authors, a timeline, video segments, and a special feature on Professor Harold Bloom’s Western Literary Canon.

Modern World History Online

Covers the full scope of world history from the mid-15th century to the present. Thousands of fully hyperlinked subject entries, biographies, images and videos, maps and charts, primary sources, and timeline entries combine to provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, events, and ideas that have defined modern world history.

The Elementary/Middle School Bundle

Features - World Almanac for Kids, Chelsea House Biographies Online and Issues & Controversies in American History as a package. Perfect for the elementary and middle school curriculum.

World Religions Online

Features focused and thorough coverage of religions and spiritual traditions from around the world. Ideal for religious studies and social studies classrooms, this user-friendly online resource features an easy-to-navigate interface, gateway pages that focus on the world’s major religions, timelines, fact files, media galleries, and much more.

World Almanac Online

Expands on the “most useful reference book” The World Almanac and provides students and researchers access to authoritative, essential statistics on hundreds of topics in a searchable online format. Perfect for any school or library. Great quick reference source.

Issues and Controversies

Helps researchers understand today's crucial issues by exploring hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture. Its straightforward presentation of the key facts, arguments, history, and current context of today's most important and timely issues makes the database an ideal resource for research papers, debate preparation, and persuasive writing assignments. Includes full coverage of each National High School Debate topic.

Curriculum Resource Center

Provides an electronic library of easily reproduced handouts to supplement text and lesson plans used in middle school, high school, and junior college classrooms. This comprehensive collection features thousands of fact sheets, timelines, images, maps, full-color diagrams, experiments, math activities, and much more!

African-American History Online

Covers the entire spectrum of African-American history over more than 500 years. The extensively hyperlinked entries include subject entries, primary sources, images and videos, general and topic-specific timelines, biographies, maps and charts, and more.

American Indian History Online

Offers fast access to more than 15,000 years of American Indian culture and history, plus browseable indexes of Indian culture areas and more than 600 tribes. Event and topic entries, biographies, images and videos, maps and charts, legends, primary sources, and timeline entries allow for an interactive, multifaceted look at the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Science Online

Contains extensive information on the full spectrum of scientific disciplines in a variety of useful formats, including printable diagrams, illustrations, images, videos, and flash animations. The content is organized by subject area and type of resource, and is available with and without experiments and state and national education standards.

World News Digest

Brings seven decades of news from the renowned Facts On File World News Digest in print together with the most recent coverage and thousands of additional resources. Researchers can follow a story ahead in time and back in time, and obtain the background information they need to understand its significance.

World Geography and Culture Online

Enhances the study of countries, U.S. states, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills, providing both facts at a glance and in-depth coverage through country and U.S. state entries, maps, flags, images, statistics, news articles, a gazetteer, compare and rank tools, and much more.

Ancient and Medieval History Online

Provides thorough coverage of nine civilizations—ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas, ancient and medieval Asia, and Islamic Empire—from prehistory to the 1500s. This highly acclaimed resource is excellent for in-depth research or comparative studies across civilizations.

Chelsea House Biographies Online

one-stop online resource for all the biography needs of middle and high school students. Features full-length biographies of the most important, influential, and interesting people in the world.

U.S. Government Online

Provides an in-depth look at the structure, function, and history of the U.S. government—providing students with the tools they need to understand how the government works, who the key players are, and what its role is in the everyday lives of citizens. The easy-to-navigate interface allows users to find relevant essays; primary source documents; images and videos; tables, charts, and maps; and news articles.

Issues and Controversies in American History

History comes to life, not as a mere recitation of names and dates, but as a series of turning points where the future hung in the balance and opinions raged on all sides. This educational database builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped the United States.


American Women's History Online

Contains biographies, historical and topical subject entries, primary sources, maps and charts, images, and videos covering more than 500 years of American women's history.  In addition to a general timeline, three unique timelines cover the history of reproductive rights and technology, women in politics, and the American women's suffrage movement.


Ferguson's Career Guidance

Provides detailed profiles of nearly 3400 jobs and 94 industries; invaluable advice on career skills; more than 55,000 resource entries; sample resumes and cover letters; a school search feature with exclusive information from Peterson's Nelnet,LLC; a career interest assessment tool; and much more.


The World Almanac for Kids Online

Newly designed -- The World Almanac for Kids Online expands on the contents of the World Almanac for Kids print edition, along with other award-winning reference books from The World Almanac and Facts on File.  This engaging resource contains kid-friendly content, resources for reports and research, and a dynamic home page with daily features.  A natural complement to the curriculum, this entertaining online site helps kids develop online research skills with a trusted source.  Fun facts, images and videos, make this a natural compliment to the elementary and middle school curriculum.  Content supports Common Core.