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CyberSmarts: Grades: K-6 URL: System requirements: Fully interactive on all Mac and PC platforms; web-hosted and accessible from school, library, or home. Projectable on whitebaords (SMART, Mimeo, and Promethian) and LCD projectors This unique collection of five Interactive eBooks gives students hands-on experience in navigating the online world in a safe, controlled environment. Titles include: Avoiding Predators Online Protecting Your Privacy Online Stopping Cyberbullying Playing Games Online Using Social Networks Created for elementary students, these guided simulations safely teach users to:• create a username• choose an avatar• chat• send messages and emails• create profiles• receive and respond to “friend” invitations Easy to use with a group or individually, these Interactive eBooks can be projected on a whiteboard or viewed on individual student computers. Instructional tools include:• lesson plans• reproducibles• research prompts

PowerKids Earth and Space Science

PowerKids Earth and Space Science: Grade Level: 3-6 Curriculum Area: Science URL: (please note that the url will be changed in January 2012 when PowerKids Earth and Space Science goes live) System Requirements: The following browsers are compatible with PowerKids Earth and Space Science: Internet Explorer 7 and higher; Safari 4 and higher; Firefox 3 and higher; Chrome 8 and higher. Pages will display in Linux. PowerKids Earth & Space Science Online Resource :• Develops digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills • Directly supports elementary earth and space science curriculum for grades 3–6 • Inspires and extends independent scientific inquiry • Offers research, report, and homework help Learners can investigate… • Earth Cycles • Ecosystems and Biomes • Landforms • Maps • Matter and Energy • Natural Disasters • Rocks and Minerals • Space • Water • Weather and Climate Learners will enjoy… • Appealing, friendly interface • Articles expressly created for an elementary and middle school audience • Games to reinforce skills and content • Hands-on Science Projects, Experiments, and Activities • Videos that enhance and extend learning Educators will appreciate… • Correlation to national, state, and provincial science curriculum • Lesson plans, assessment, extension and enrichment activities • Resources to support and reinforce classroom instruction • Text-to-speech feature Standards-Based Content Research & Report-Writing Tools Test Preparation Science Fair Projects

Teen Health and Wellness

Grade Level: 6-12+ Curriculum Area: Health and Phys Ed URL: System Requirements: supported by the following browsers?operating system combinations: IE5.5/Windows, IE6/Windows, Netscape 7/Windows, Mozilla 1/Windows, Firefox 1/Windows, Opera 7/Windows, IE5.5/Macintosh, Netscale 7/Macintosh, and Safari 1/Macintosh. Pages will display on Lynx. Award-winning, critically acclaimed online resource—Teen Health & Wellness provides students with nonjudgmental, straightforward information and support on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, financial literacy, and more. NEW & expanded resource• Instant translation to over 50 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Haitian Creole• Site optimized for SMARTP HONES for access anywhere, anytime• videos throughout including student-created PSAs, add a new level of interactivity• calculators give personalized tips and information on Body Mass Index, Blood Alcohol Content, Budgets, and more• Over 50 new articles on topics like the teen brain, concussions, hate crimes, foster care, being GLBT, and more• Expanded photos, illustrations, and charts• Customizable hotlines for local community resources• Social bookmarking and RSS Feeds allows users to share article links with friends and family educators and librarians are saying... It is extremely accessible and the information provided is “hip,” up-to-date, and grounded in science and medicine. ... I really think that, by including student voices in the database, the purely fact-driven database model recedes and a more interactive, end-user interface is created.—Charles O’Bryan, School Library System, Director, DCMO BOCES, NY I can wholeheartedly endorse Teen Health & Wellness. The counselors love that they have a site where they can send teenagers to privately look up sensitive information and get answers to questions that they are too embarrassed/shy to ask about!—Liz Philippi, Library Systems Administrator, Spring Branch Independent School District, TX My seniors—all 600 of them—are using Teen Health & Wellness as a main resource for their culminating Senior Health Project.—Sophie Brookover, Eastern Regional Senior High School (NJ) New and expanded, this award-winning database is available 24/7 to your community. From bullying to green living to financial literacy, today’s teens face challenges that affect their lives. For trusted information—from library or home—students and educators can count on Teen Health & Wellness.

Spotlight on New York

Spotlight on New York: Grade Level: 4-7 Curriculum Area: Social Studies URL: System requirements: Fully interactive on all Mac and PC platforms; web-hosted and accessible from school, library, or home. Projectable on whitebaords (SMART, Mimeo, and Promethian) and LCD projectors. Content-Rich Interactive Print and Online Materials for Grade 4 Social Studies• Aligned to Common Core State Standards for informational texts• Introduces New York City and New York State from the arrival of the Native Americans to the present day• Resources feature primary sources and document-based questions Interactive eBooks • Innovative multimedia teaching tools that enhance the nonfiction text with: • Audio recordings and videos • Transcribed and recorded primary source documents • Additional biographies of key historical figures • Maps that can be enlarged and printed • Dynamic timelines of important events in NY, US, and world history • Instructional materials • Vocabulary list with “word sort” reproducible • Events & dates list with “timeline” reproducible • People to know list • Places to know list with “map” reproducible • Web-hosted and accessible from school, library, or home • Fully interactive on all Mac and PC platforms • Projectable on whiteboards (SMART, Mimeo, and Promethian) and LCD projectors Planning guide • How to use this collection with your existing New York history materials • Lesson Plans that focus on key social studies skills: • Differentiating sources • Analyzing information • Organizing and interpreting information • Identifying differences • Communicating in written and oral forms • Understanding and using academic language • Instruction for English Language Learners • Instruction for struggling readers

PowerKids Life Science

PowerKids Life Science: Grade level: 3-6 Curriculum Area: Science URL: System Requirements: The following browsers are compatible with PowerKids Life Science: Internet Explorer 7 and higher; Safari 4 and higher; Firefox 3 and higher; Chrome 8 and higher. Pages will display in Linux. For computers Flash 8 and higher is required for text to speech. PowerKids Life Science is an online science resource specifically designed for learners in grades 3 to 6. Comprised of curriculum-correlated content, PowerKids Life Science promotes digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills while offering research, report, and homework help. Learners will enjoy...• Appealing, friendly interface• Over 400 articles for elementary and middle school students• Text-to-speech• Videos that extend learning• Interactive games to reinforce skills and content• Hands-on science projects, experiments, and activities Educators will appreciate...• Correlations to national, state, and provincial science curriculum• Resource sections with Web sites and recommended reading lists• Promotes green living and learning• Inspires and extends independent scientific inquiry• Lesson plans, assessment and enrichment activities, and promotional materials“Fantastic…user-friendly and easy to navigate…This database is exactly what elementary teachers have been waiting for.” —Tamzen Kulyk, Teacher-Librarian, Saskatoon Public School Division, Saskatchewan“Extremely kid-friendly! This database would be very useful for our special-ed classes, as well as for our students who are not reading at grade level. Our science teachers appreciate the simple and uncluttered look and structure.” —Rosemary Rich, Library Media Specialist, University Middle School, NJ “POWERKIDS LIFE SCIENCE IS A WINNER!... an excellent foray into the elementary database world.” —Connie Williams, Teacher Librarian, Petaluma School District, CA “This Website will be a hit with both students and teachers...provides a UNIQUE RESOURCE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS— one that will encourage a love of science at an early age.” —American Reference Books Annual “BRILLIANT. The “Think Like a Scientist” boxes ask excellent questions.” —Deb Logan, Librarian/Media Specialist, Mt. Gilead MS/HS, OH “A WONDERFUL PRODUCT that will be a really useful addition to any school or public library’s digital collection! PowerKids Life Science will benefit its target audience in grades 3 to 6, as well as serve as a valuable research tool for older students with reading difficulties.” —Joanne de Groot, Department of Elementary Education, Teacher-Librarianship by Distance Learning, University of Alberta“Kid-friendly in both look and function ...a well-crafted resource that will enhance student research.” —School Library Journal