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QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are a fast and efficient way to deliver information. To access a QR Code, a user must have a Mobile Device with a QR Reader installed on it.

Library Applications

Accessing Information:

  • Link to an Online Card Catalog (posting in the stacks)
  • Link to a Video Book Trailer (book cover)
  • Link to similar reads (display, book cover, shelves...)
  • Place on a print magazine for a link to the digital edition
  • Link to a listing of recommend subjects (display, shelves...)
  • Links for Online Databases (bookmarks, posters...)
  • Special collection guides (what they are used for)
  • Link to a Web Page (Poster, display...)
  • Direct link to a specific iTunes App
  • Link to a Twitter Handle


  • Contact information- can send directly to an email or a phone number
  • Link to more information about an upcoming program or event
  • Place on a WebQuest or Pathfinder to include links to use for research
  • Library Scavenger hunt for orientation
  • Place on worksheets for student use (quicker then having students type in a full URL)
  • Create Posters to hang in the Library for various courses (each one takes to a specific course page)


  • Place on a business card (can contain vCard, or a biography)
  • Online evaluation survey (Survey Monkey or School World Forms)
  • How to tutorial videos or screencastes
  • Place on a name badge that will link to a biography of the person
  • Use for contests (website for info, directions...)
  • Additional information on a topic
  • Link to an InterLibrary Loan form
  • Newspaper articles featuring the library (hang up the article with the QR by the entrance/exit)
  • Contact information (Phone number, email, text, vCard..)
  • Bottom of a document that someone may want a copy of (use Tag My Doc listed below)

Physical Area:

  • Link to Directions on how to use something (such as a microfiche reader or scanner)
  • Link to a Map of the Library (each one can have a You Are Here)
  • Link to a virtual tour of the library

Where to place them

  • Where people are waiting in line
  • It would be wrong of me to say a bathroom stall....
  • On a Book
  • End caps in the stacks
  • Handouts
  • Assignments
  • Brochures
  • Book Display
  • e-mail signature
  • On a bookmark
  • In a mural
  • On a logo
  • On a bulletin board or a display
  • On your Website- can scan from a computer!
  • t-shirts for an event
  • On a bus- people get bored and that may be a fun distraction
  • Outside an office door
  • Outside a study room- can quickly scan to see who has room signed out and when

Using/Creating QR Codes

QR Code Generators

QR Code Readers

  • Open your App Store / Google Play store and search for QR Code- go with whichever one you like (reviews are good to see)  
  • On my iPhone I have Scan Me:
    • It has a history of various sites you have scanned- good way to remember stuff you scanned

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