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General Tips- no specific order:

  1. Keep the splash page simple
    • People don't like to scroll down!!!!!
  2. Don't make your page so glitzy that it looks childish in nature
    • This page is not formatted, it is very plain and ugly- we will brainstorm ways to "bling" it out
  3. Create Sub Pages- change the icons to fit your needs
    • You don't always have to have a page on the left- you can create a hyperlink
  4. Pictures are great- use the image gallery instead of insert photo
  5. Use the Web Locker for files and documents- looks a lot cleaner to have a link in the text then to use the Files section.
  6. Password Protect your Database page....then include the remote usernames/passwords
  7. Use the Page Title Section- it can look a lot cleaner
  8. If you are copying from a Word Document or another webpage- copy it first and then paste it into Notepad, then copy it again and past it into your website: this strips the formatting.  Also there is a built in stripping feature- but I am not overly thrilled with it.
  9. If you aren't using a section, turn it off
  10. This is open to the world- don't include student specific information
  11. Spll cheeck your documente
  12. Remember copyright....
  13. If you have a page created for a project, turn it off when done- no need to recreate it
  14. If you put time sensitive information on your page, keep it updated
  15. You can move some of the "features" found on the top right to the left hand side
  16. When creating your site, if you have an extra space that you cannot get rid of, hold down the shift and then press enter.
  17. widget:

18. widget:

Username: boo


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