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"Reaching Beyond the Classroom thru Technology"

Free Academic Resources (FAR) can help you flex the time and space of your classroom beyond the traditional classroom period. Join us for an exploration of free educational resources that are trustworthy and focused on academics. In addition, we will show you how these resources can be used to launch your current content to another galaxy just by adding some technology to a lesson or unit. This will be a hands-on session as we orbit the possibilities of reaching beyond the classroom with technology!

Academic Websites

Internet Scout – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Internet Public Library and Librarian Internet Index: maintained by information and library science students and volunteers

Collections of pre-screened educational websites

Federal Registry for Educational Excellence – this site has been re-done this summer, is still in beta – links to lots of resources, and now aligned to Common Core.

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills is a repository of many sites and has resources K-12. It also has lesson plans.

High school level resources created by Independence hall Association in Philadelphia

Elementary Science resources – even if you don’t get the kits lots of free resources and activities here.

Websites with accompanying games and activities to many of the Turtlepond books like Owen and Mzee and Knut.

Academic Interactive Websites
Interactive learning games grades K-6 designed by an international volunteer organization dedicated to bring the best learning materials to all children no matter where they live.
site has interactives for teaching math designed by math teachers. It also has lessons as well.
Shows the layout and map of the white house along with views of different rooms and what is in the rooms.

DNA interactive – everything you wanted to know about genetics and DNA including and interactive model.

Academic Resources
Academic Earth allows you to search all the different college lectures on the web. You can use these for your own professional development or clips to help students understand concepts.

Hippocampus is a collection of online resources that you can use with your students to supplement content you are teaching or to assign as to extend classroom learning. It is designed for middle and high school students and includes Khan Academy, science interactives, as well as humanities and social sciences.
Journey North – many different migrations that your classes can become involved with collaborating with classes around the world. It is hosted by Annenberg and has been running since 1995. Plenty of teachers materials and directions to help lead your students through the experience.
CK12 is a non-profit organization with digital textbooks and materials for student and teacher use. It also includes SAT prep.

Academic Databases
NOVELNY is an online library of hundreds of magazines, newspapers, maps, charts, research and reference books that are available to every New Yorker, free of charge.
Kids Infobits (Gale)
Elibrary (Proquest)
Grolier Online

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