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Welcome Back!  Each week the BOCES SLS and Instructional Media Department will send out a weekly update.  The updates range from new services to  announcements from State Ed to news in the library world to new eBooks available in our region…


1.       We are in the process of moving the SLS and Instructional Media Website.  Please stay tuned for additional information.

2.       Over the summer, several new reference eBooks were purchased from Gale Cengage.  Attached is a spreadsheet listing the new purchases.  There are two tabs in the spreadsheet: the first list the titles and authors in the “For Students” reference set (a total of 2,264 different pieces of literature in the various sets).  The second tab lists the other Reference Books purchased from Gale.

3.       At the end of each school year, the librarians in our region are sent an evaluation for the School Library System and related services.  We use the data in the to look for ways to improve our services to our districts, teachers and students.  Attached are the results from the survey.  Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

4.       This year, we have several new librarians joining our region; additionally, several librarians changed schools.  New Librarian Placements:

·         Brockport Middle School: Pamela Bigsby

·         Brockport Ginther School: Jennifer Nather

·         Kendall School District: Erin Bennett

·         Spencerport Bernabi School: Elizabeth Maurer

·         Spencerport Munn School: Debbie Mulhern

·         Re-joining Greece will be Andrea Borrelli at Pine Brook Elementary School

·         Greece also saw Sara Franus move to Arcadia Middle School and Karen Reiss move to Buckman Heights Elementary School

·         Within the Gates Chili District, Meg Kinnally moved to Armstrong Elementary, Cindy Ratajczak moved to Brasser Elementary and Denise Chilson-Cline moved to Paul Rd Elementary

5.       Within the next couple days, Patti Rose will send everyone their access information for all the online resources available through BOCES- eBooks, Media Portal, Video Streaming and building specific Online Databases.

6.       This information was sent in May and June, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of changes to NOVELny

·         EBSCO Primary Search is no longer part of NOVELny.  If a school would like to purchase this as part of the Online Database CoSER, please let us know.  The cost is $299 per building.

·         The Twayne's Author Series is no longer part of NOVELny.  If a school would like to purchase, please contact Patti Rose.

·         Added to NOVELny are: Gale Kids InfoBits and Gale Opposing ViewPoints

·         Added to NOVELny are: ProQuest eLibrary Elementary and Gannett Newspaper Edition

7.       Prior to the announcement of Opposing ViewPoints becoming a NOVELny database, our region had agreed to purchase this product.  As a result, we were able to negotiate a change in databases.  All our secondary schools now have access (for this year) to the following Gale databases: Biography in Context, Science in Context, US History in Context and World History in Context.  If you have any questions on this, please let Jim Belair know.

8.       The Media Library purchased 80 new audio book titles to use with the iPod Shuffles.  All the titles are directly off of the ELA Module list posted on  When the new titles are loaded into the Media Portal, we will let you know.  If anyone would like a sneak peak of the list, please let me know.

9.       This Fall, we have a large line-up of various after-school Professional Development workshops planed.  To view a full listing of the workshops, please visit our website.

10.   In an effort to streamline accessing eBooks, you now have another option.  The eBooks are now indexed and searchable through the Media Library!  When you do a search, you can narrow to eBooks by choosing the eBook filter on the right hand side.  Note- the new titles purchased from Gale are not yet loaded into the system.


Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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