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SLS Update 9/6/2013



1.       The new SLS/Instructional Media website is now up and running.  Please update any bookmarks you may have.  The link to the new site is:

·         Across the top of the screen, each main area contains its own main section: eBooks, Follett Destiny, Instructional Media, Online Databases, SLS Information, and Professional Development.

2.       Several elementary schools are doing 1:1 iPad initiatives this year.  I want to remind everyone that the Sylvan Dell eBooks have an iPad app which will allow users to access the eBooks on their mobile devices.  In order to set this up, search for the Sylvan Dell app and download it.  When you open it up it will prompt you for a username and password. 

·         The Online Databases access spreadsheet Patti sent out last week contains the code

·         Please let Jim know if you have any questions.

3.       Reminder to all our Middle and High Schools: as part of the regional Online Database purchase this past year all schools have access to the following 4 databases:

·          Biographies in Context

·         Science in Context

·         US History in Context

·         World History in Context.

4.       Jane Reeves will be conducting a Follett Destiny Back to School Workshop on Thursday from 3:45-4:45.  This is open to all librarians and library staff members.  If you plan on attending, please make sure to RSVP.

5.       This summer the Monroe 2 BOCES eBook brochure was updated!  Attached is a copy of the brochure.  We are having copies printed.  If you would like us to send you any, please let us know.

6.       The September Newsletter from WXXI (PBS) is now available: WXXI Education e-Newsletter.

7.       A fun infographic to start the year off: The Story Coaster:

8.       The first SLS Council Meeting of the year will be Tuesday, September 24.  If you have items you would like discussed, please let your district representative know.



Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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