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Internet Searching
1.  What is a Web Search

2.  Sometimes a Database is better

3.  When evaluating a site:
  • Does the site make sense
  • Spelling/Mechanics
  • Professional looking
  • Who is the author/are they an expert
  • What is the site's bias
  • Does the site match what you already know about the topic
  • What is the domain (take with a grain of salt)

4.  Advanced searching tips

  • use quotes "" to make something an exact term
  • to narrow to a specific site: site:
  • Boolean searching: AND, OR, NOT
  • Use the Advanced Search feature
  • Can limit to images or videos (remember copyright)
  • Think about the terms you are using to search- different words will give you different information.

5.  Sample sites to evaluate:

  • Velcro Farm
  • Martin Luther King
  • Tree Octopus

       Remember, not all information posted online is true or accurate!

6.  Other items

  • To search Social Media Sites:
  • There is a ton of personal information on people: or /