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SLS Update 10/07/2013



1.       Audio Books on iPod Shuffles:

·         BOCES currently owns 550 iPod Shuffles for audio books

·         500 of the shuffles are currently checked out, with more slated to go out this week

·         Can you please ask the teachers how they are using the Shuffles

                                                               i.      Particularly, please seek feedback from those who are using the shuffles with the ELA Text Modules

o   This is not intended to deter teachers from using the Shuffles.  Rather, we would like to know how they are being used.

                                                             ii.      We are looking for ways to best service everyone’s need

o   Example: We have audio splitters available which will allow 5 headphones to connect to one shuffle.  Using these would cut down on the number of shuffles a teacher needs

o   I want to emphasize we are looking at being proactive instead of reactive for ways in which the Shuffles are used

                                                            iii.      Send feedback to Joshua Perks

2.       InterLibrary Loan Reminders:

·         Please be sure you are routinely checking for requests and approving/denying them

3.       Please be aware of texts which are part of the ELA Modules.  If something is a module text, there is a good chance it is being used by that school!  We are working with 5 Systems to develop a way to filter these results out.  Spreadsheet containing Text List for P-12 ELA.

4.       Upcoming Professional Development

·         I am currently accepting registrations for the Cool Tools Online Professional Development course.  The SLS purchased five seats, but due to high interest, we are increasing this number.  Please let Jim Belair know if you are interested by Friday October 11!  For more information on this, please refer to the SLS Update from 9/30/13

·         Thursday October 10 from 3:45-4:45- Supporting Science- the new Science Standards and what School Librarians Need to Know. This will be taught by the ESP staff and will take place at the ESP building. This is intended for all librarians working with grades K-12!

·         Thursday October 17 from 3:45-4:45- NOVELny Databases Update. Learn what changes took place in NOVELny and what is now accessible. There are a ton of resources for students and teachers in grades K-12. This is open to all library staff and teachers (please spread the word).

·         Thursday October 24 from 3:45-4:45- Dynamic Destiny Home Page. If you have a district library page or other site where you maintain all your library resources, we will show you how to embed that site so Destiny becomes a comprehensive virtual library that will meet the information needs of today's students.

·         For a full description of each workshop, please visit:

5.       Last week’s Free Online Primary Sources Workshop with Cathi Franchino was postponed due to the Furlough.  The workshop is now rescheduled for November 7.  If interested, please contact Patti Rose.

6.       ALA is accepting nominations for Best Practices Using Cutting Edge Technology.  This is something which anyone can apply for: example, GV BOCES SLS was one of the winners last year with their eBook program.  The deadline is November 15.  For more information, please visit:

7.       GV BOCES is sponsoring a hands-on day centered around technology use and creations. James Kennedy will do a keynote and the rest of the day will be filled with sessions by some of the award winners from the Digies. The last part of the day will be hands-on time creating content.  Note- the Digies is a regional student media competition (ALL different formats and modes of media) sponsored by GV BOCES.  Our region had several winners last year.

8.       ALA President, Dr. Barbara Stripling’s initiative is the Declaration for the Right to Libraries.  This is now available ONLINE!  It is an advocacy tool designed to collect signature from EVERY type of library user possible from all different types of libraries (school, public, academic…).   This will be used at the national level for library advocacy.

·         For more information:

·         For a digital signature (versus a print signature as listed in the above link):

·         You can also embed this web badge and code into your own pages

9.       Attached is an email from Andrea Koch, Brighton High School, about a FREE author visit for a High School on Thursday October 24 by Julie Berry.  Note- this was sent out via the SLS Connect Listserv.

10.   Jane Reeves found a great article written by Doug Johnson.  It appeared in the October 2013 publication Educational Leadership Journal from ASCD and is geared towards school administrators.  The article is called Power Up!  The New School LibraryClick Here to access the Article.

11.   Donna Farren, BOCES Distance Learning Specialist, shared an interesting website which takes text or even a full website and breaks it down into simpler English with highlighting and vocabulary building.  It is free and contains no adds.

12.   The October 2013 WXXI eNewsletter is now available:


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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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