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SLS Update 6/20/2013


Thank you all for fantastic and productive year! I believe we accomplished a lot this year! I wish everyone a happy and restful summer!

1. In the fall we will be unrolling a new eBook provider: Axis 360. This provider offers one user at a time eBooks consisting of popular fiction.

· Earlier this year I sent out a call to librarians who would like to help select eBooks for this venture. If you would like to play around with the catalog and make purchase suggestions please let me know.

· Stay tuned for more information in the Fall!

2. General reminder concerning borrowed items from the Media Library (DVDs, VHS Tapes, Books, iPod Shuffles, Cameras…) please be sure they are returned.

3. Churchville Elementary has issued an APB for a missing ILL Book: “I Was a Third Grade Science Project” by Mary Jane Auch.

4. The2013 AASL Conference Memorial Grant is offered in honor of eva efron who was a dedicated member of her local, regional, and national school library community. eva served as a high school librarian and School Library System Director. eva was an active member of both ALA and AASL. The members of the School Library Systems Association of New York hope that the recipient of this grant carries on in eva's footsteps by being a leader and mentor of future school librarians. Attached is information for this grant to cover the cost of attendance at the 2013 AASL Conference AND a one year ALA and AASL membership.

5. Last week I sent out information about the STLE 2 grant (which can be used to fund additional teachers, such as librarians). There is now a webinar posted on EngageNY. For more information, or to view the webinar, please visit:

6. Thank you to everyone who completed the SLS End of Year Evaluation. This summer we will review the results and follow up with any questions, comments or concerns addressed by individuals in the Fall.

7. We are around this summer! If you have questions or would like any one-on-one/small group professional development this summer, please let us know.

8. Attached is an updated Diploma and Credential Requirement Checklist for the various types of diplomas that can be issued from State Ed.

9. The FULL Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES Professional Development Guide is now available:

· SLS and Instructional Media PD are listed under both SLS and Technology

10. GV BOCES SLS is rolling out a summer reading project using eBooks to write blog reviews. The purpose is to expose librarians to fiction that they may not be aware of and to share their reviews of the books. Most of the authors are not best sellers, but many are award winners. If you are interested in this, please visit: In order to access the eBooks, a code is needed. If you would like an access code, please let Jim know. Note- the site is not yet populated with titles, but they are coming.


Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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