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SLS Update 6/6/2013



1.       We are looking to purchase the following eBooks from Gale Cengage this summer.  If you have any comments on them, please let me know.  Attached is a spreadsheet which states which books and authors are reviewed/discussed in the various “For Students” reference sets.  All of these are for unlimited simultaneous access.  Attached is a sample Novels for Students entry for Schindler’s List.

·         Novels for Students, Volumes 1-34

·         Drama for Students, Volumes 1-27

·         Literary Movements for Students, Volumes 1-2

·         Literary Newsmakers for Students, Volumes 1-3

·         Literary Themes for Students: Race & Prejudice, Volumes 1-2

·         Literary Themes for Student: The American Dream, Volumes 1-2

·         Literary Themes for Students: War & Peace, Volumes 1-2

·         Non-Fiction Classics for Students, Volumes 1-3

·         Poetry for Students, Volumes 1-34

·         Shakespeare for Students, Volumes 1-3

·         Short Stories for Students, Volumes 1-34

·         Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of World Literature (2009, 4 Volumes)

·         UXL Alternative Energy (2006, 3 Volumes)

·         American Law Yearbook (2011)

·         CaseBase 2: Case Studies in Global Business (2012)

·         Encyclopedia of Religion (2005, 15 Volumes)

·         Encyclopedia of World Biography (2004, 17 Volumes)

·         Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (2011, 6 Volumes)

·         History Behind the Headlines (2004, 5 Volumes)

·         New Dictionary of American Ideas (2005, 6 Volumes)

·         Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film (2007, 4 Volumes)

·         Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans

·         UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances (2005, 4 Volumes

·         Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (2012, 5 Volumes)

2.       For any NYLA member, reminder to please vote for the 2015 Knickerbocker Award for Juvenile Literature.  This award recognizes a NY author who has demonstrated through a body of work, a consistently superior quality which supports the curriculum and the educational goals of New York State Schools.  Polls close June 15.  To vote:

3.       June WXXI Newsletter: :

4.       This summer, the regional Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference is taking place July 30-July 31 at Nazerth College

·         The Teaching, Learning & Technology Conference is just around the corner!  Presenters from 4 different BOCES, 3 different colleges, 2 different districts, and 2 outside resources are ready to share their knowledge on technology and instructional integration. Workshops from Edmodo, Distance Learning, and Interactive Whiteboards, will inspire educators to seamlessly integrate technology into teaching to enhance student learning.  Open Labs will allow attendees to immediately practice applications with a knowledgeable facilitator to offer assistance as needed.  Sign up today for this exciting conference opportunity! For information and a promotional video, visit

·         2013 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Registration Link

·         Price to attend (includes lunch and coffee breaks for both days) is $90.00

·         This is designed for ALL types of teacher


5.       Donna Farren, BOCES Distance Learning Specialist, shared this video on re-imagining learning through technology…in other words, there is more to learning than just using technology and how to use technology to personalize learning.

·         This is a Ted Talk given by Richard Culatta, Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology of the US Department of Education

6.       Reminder, please be sure to submit your End of Year ILL Stats:  The stats are due by June 7.  To date, only 11 schools have responded! 

·         Next week Patti Rose will be contacting any schools which have not submitted them

·         For more info on what to do with this survey, please see #5 on last week’s update:

7.       Reminder, If you have not already done so, please complete the SLS End of Year Evaluation. Plan on up to 20 minutes to complete the evaluation. The goal is to have 100% of all librarians complete this. Link to the evaluation. To date, 23 librarians have completed the evaluation.

8.       Reminder, there is a trial good until July 1 to access the new NOVELny Databases which go into effect July 1:

·         Kids InfoBits:;ContactID=34739 and click on the Kids InfoBits link

·         eLibrary Elementary: and click on the eLibrary Elementary link

9.       Reminder- EBSCOhost (Searchasaurus, Primary Search, Kids Search) will NO LONGER be part of NOVELny after July 1.  If you would like to purchase this product, please let Patti Rose know ASAP.  The price is $249 if we know within the next few days.  After that, it will increase to $299 per site.

10.   Summer PD is beginning to fill up!  Please make sure to register so you can reserve a spot.  If a teacher would like to attend, they are more than welcome, they just need to attend with their librarian!

·         Getting Kids K-6 excited about Nonfiction with Kathleen Baxter: July 18

                                                               i.      Kathleen is an engaging national speaker/expert on this topic. There is a $10 fee to attend. If the fee is an issue, please contact Jim Belair

·         Best Websites for Teaching and Learning: Adding Content Resources to your Digital Toolbox: August 20

·         Tech Camp: August 21

·         Best Websites for Teaching and Learning: Digital Presentation Tools and Media Sharing for Students: August 22

·          Destiny Library Manager for New Users: September 3


Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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