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SLS Update 5/9/2013



1.       Attached is the DRAFT Summer and Fall 2013 BOCES SLS and Instructional Media Professional Development courses.  Please let Jim Belair know if you have any questions.  Again, I want to stress this is a DRAFT and subject to change.  I will let everyone know when it is finalized.

2.       The Democrat and Chronicle will again be offering our students the ability to access the e-edition of the D&C for next school year.  If you have questions on this, please contact Jim Belair

3.       Joshua Perks and his wife, Lisa, are expecting a new baby any day J.  After the baby is born, Joshua will be taking three weeks off to spend time with his growing family.  If you have questions about bookings or orders, please direct those to Laura Skolny.  For all other questions, please direct to Jim Belair.  And yes, we will send out pictures J.

4.       Recently J’aime Pfeiffer, SLS Director for Capital Region BOCES, meet with Commissioner King and the Board of Regents regarding the Information Fluency Continuum (IFC).  To read about this meeting, please visit:

5.       From eSchool News- their list of the top 10 best educational apps for Apple and Droid devices:  Click here

6.       May 2013 WXXI Education Newsletter

7.       Save the date for Summer PD:

·         Getting Kids Excited About Non-Fiction (Elementary level): July 18 all day

·         Adding Content Resources to your Digital Toolbox: August 20 from 9-1

·         Tech Camp: August 21 all day

·         Digital Presentation Tolls and Media Sharing for Students: August 21 from 9-1

·         RRLC will also be offering additional workshops this summer for school librarians (such as Prezi, Follett Destiny, Primary Sources…more info to come)

8.       We have five slots open still for the Multi Genre Research Projectors Workshop (May 16 3:45-5:15)

·         This workshop will introduce you to the Multi-Genre Research Project. Based on the work of Camille Allen and others, this inquiry-based research project not only meets the 21st century skills but nails almost every Common Core Learning Standard. The presenters will outline the project from its beginning stage through the showcase night. Imagine your students developing questions about a topic of their choice, researching and writing a paper, and then creating six additional genres of writing and technology directly related to the completed research. Imagine your students still loving their project at the end of the semester! Cindy Dole from Greece Lakeshore Elementary School will be leading this workshop with fellow Lakeshore teacher Sara Albert.|

9.       Other upcoming PD workshops (feel free to invite a teacher or two to the first two listed!!):

·          May 22 (3:45-5:15): Best New Children’s Literature presented by Monroe County Public Libraries

·          May 23 (3:45-5:15): Best New Young Adult Literature presented by Monroe County Public Libraries

·          May 30 (3:45-5:15): Wilson Library Literature Database

10.   Shortly I will be sending out the SLS End of Year Survey.  Please do take the time to fill out the survey!  Per our Five Year Plan of Service, it is required.  Also, this helps the entire BOCES SLS staff examine our current practices and how we can improve our services to you, your students and your teachers.  The goal is 100% of the librarians in our region to complete the survey.

11.  Reminder, end of year ILL information:

·          May 10: Last day to request new ILL items

·         June 14: All ILL items should be returned

·          June 17: Complete online ILL form (will send out information on this at a later date)

·         Note- if you have a side deal with another school to continue ILL, we do not need to know about it J

Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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