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SLS Update 4/29/2013



1.        I am excited to report that the newly purchased eBooks from Ebrary are now available.  Reminder, these are mostly popular fiction eBooks with unlimited simultaneous access.  Note, they are not imported into our Destiny eBook site yet, to access, you will have to go directly to eBrary.  They should be loaded into Destiny soon.  Attached is a listing of the new titles!  Over 70  titles ranging from Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel to Rotten Ralph to The Giver to The Things They Carried!

2.       For those districts purchasing Ensemble….they made upgrades to the system.  Ensemble now supports directly uploading a user created video directly from a mobile device (such as an iPad).  There are several other updates (such as easier use with Moodle).  For more information, please visit:

3.       The deadline for the August SSL Leadership Institute Scholarship is extended to May 6th.  Attached is the scholarship registration form!  For more info on the summer institute, please visit:

4.       Librarians from our region were well represented at this past week’s SSL Conference.  A total of 19 librarians from 8 district’s within Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES attended!

5.       Upcoming PD:

· May 1 (7:30-8:30) OR May 2 (3:45-4:45): Inventory within Follett Destiny

·May 9 (3:45-4:45): Managing a Book Room within Follett Destiny

· May 16 (3:45-5:15): Multi Genre Research Projects

· May 22 (3:45-5:15): Best New Children’s Literature presented by Monroe County Public Libraries

· May 23 (3:45-5:15): Best New Young Adult Literature presented by Monroe County Public Libraries

· May 30 (3:45-5:15): Wilson Library Literature Database

6.      About the Multi Genre Research Projectors Workshop: This workshop will introduce you to the Multi-Genre Research Project. Based on the work of Camille Allen and others, this inquiry-based research project not only meets the 21st century skills but nails almost every Common Core Learning Standard.  The presenters will outline the project from its beginning stage through the showcase night. Imagine your students developing questions about a topic of their choice, researching and writing a paper, and then creating six additional genres of writing and technology directly related to the completed research. Imagine your students still loving their project at the end of the semester!  Cindy Dole from Greece Lakeshore Elementary School will be leading this workshop with fellow Lakeshore teacher Sara Albert.

7.       If you have any iPod Shuffles that are NOT being used right now, please return to BOCES. 

8.       Reminder, Nancy Cholewa is putting together our annual end of year celebration!  Please respond to a quick Doodle Poll for days that would work best for you!



Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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