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SLS Update 3/7/2013



1.       From John Brock at State Ed: Newly designed infographic snapshot of Colorado/national studies done over the last 2 decades that show how teacher-librarians have a positive impact on student test scores. 


2.       Congratulations to Suzanne Shearman from Brockport Barclay School Library: Runner up for the 2013 Magic Tree House Educator of the Year Award.   The award is based on the work Suzanne and Barclay school have done around Common Core and Research Guides/Fact Finders.  For more information about this award, please visit: 

3.       Attached is information about this year’s Book Expo America being held in New York City.  Group Discounts are available to attend this event.  If you would like to form a group discount team, please follow up with Suzanne Shearman from Brockport. 

4.       Attached is information for Online Database Trials to various Ebsco products. 

5.       Exemplary text/text complexity video of Susan  Pimentel (co-author with David Coleman of the Common Core State Standards) speaking in Hawaii.  The first two minutes of the video discusses Appendix B- it is worth watching this segment!

6.       Capstone Books and DC Comics are teaming up to sponsor a writing contest for students in grades 3-6.  The focus of the contest is students writing about who their hero is.  For more information:

7.       The March 2013 WXXI (PBS) Education Newsletter:

8.       In honor of Women’s History month, Learn 360 has assembled various resources celebrating women’s history.  For more information, please visit:

9.       From Karen Mitchell: Interesting video on 3D Printers from PBS.  The video is called: Will 3D Printing Change the World.  

10.   Thought on APPR best practices….make a folder for each domain.  Put copies of any handouts, lessons, promotional posters, screenshots, meeting minutes… into each folder.  If you do this during the course of the entire year, it will make documenting your APPR an easier process.

11.   From WXXI- Thank you to those schools who have already participated in the WXXI Homework Hotline Book Reports.  They are ALL AWESOME!  We have enough to finish out the year – however – we would really like to schedule a few schools to tape this year that would get us through a couple of months for the 2013-14 school year.  We are looking for about two or three more schools.   Please ask around to see if anyone is interested.  If they are  - the contact person to schedule a date for taping is Lisa Famiglietti (585) 258-0392 or email at  For samples, please visit:

12. From Shirlee Carlberg at Greece Odyssey:  I was looking for ideas of what other folks have used for vocabulary study for Animal Farm and came across Verbal Workout.  You can search by title, author, or their other lists. Once you've selected a title, you can use various pull-down menus to sort by word appearance, get examples from the text, AND you'll see a list of SAT rankings! This is a cool tool for deciding which words kids will likely see again -- in other content areas, other texts we teach, and on the SAT.  There are also pre- and post-reading assignments that I haven't fully explored.


Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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