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SLS Update 9/20/2012




1.        Clarification items for the Marc Aronson Workshop: Using Non-Fiction with the Common Core

a.       Please pre-register for this event with Patti Rose

b.      You can attend either session (Webster Public Library or Greece Public Library)

c.       Free and open to all teachers and administrators in our region

2.       Clarification items for Common Core Lesson Planning using Information Fluency Continuum

a.       Please pre-register for this event with Patti Rose

b.      You can attend either the Monroe #1 or the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES location

c.       Please bring a teacher to collaborate with!  If you cannot find a teacher to bring, please contact Jim Belair

d.      Free and open to all teachers and administrators in our region

3.       We are having an issue with the MARC records for the Sylvan Dell eBooks.  The company is re-building the records for us.  In the meantime, we have removed the “broken” records from the eBook Destiny Library.  You can still access the Sylvan Dell eBooks by going to the eBook page:

4.       Last year we purchased several DK (Dorling Kindersley) eBooks.  I was disappointed in the eBooks due to the lack of pictures and their organization.  Good news, Gale has rectified this!  We also purchased additional DK titles for a total of 172 titles.  When accessing them, you have two options: view as HTML or PDF (the PDF is a scanned image so it looks just the print book).   Note- we have not added grade ranges to these titles yet!  Please see the attached listing of the new titles.  Note- there are a couple titles which do not have the updated photos.

5.       Novel NY just released its listing for Databases through June 30, 2013.  These databases are available, for free, to everyone in NY State.  Good news on this, no databases were removed; also NY State added 5 new ones!  If you are unsure how to access your NovelNY databases, please contact either Jane Reeves or Patti Rose.

·         Grolier- La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre

·         Grolier- Amazing Animals of the World

·         Grolier- The New Book of Popular Science

·         Grolier- America the Beautiful

·         Grolier- Lands and Peoples

Several of our schools have purchased some of the above Groiler databases.  We are contacting the vendor to inquire about a refund or credit.

6.       We have received several questions around BEDS.  Use the following information:

·         Total number of databases: 9 from NovelNY PLUS 4 from BOCES PLUS the total number your library purchases

·         Total number of eBooks:  866 from NovelNY (all are Twayne Author Series) PLUS 1132 from BOCES PLUS the total number your library owns

7.       Last week a video about Librarian SLOs was posted on Engage NY.  To view the video, visit:

8.       Last week I forgot to attach the file listing the free Marshall Cavendish PRINT titles we have available.  If you would like a set of the books, please contact Patti Rose.

9.       Attached is a brochure for the WFL BOCES Library Leadership Academy (LLA) held on November 1 in Newark.

10.   Reminder, if you would like to borrow a book from any of the area colleges or the public library (free of charge), please email Patti Rose.  The best place to search for available titles is by using




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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