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SLS Update 5/5/2012



1.        Each year, according to our 5 Year Plan of Service, EVERY librarian within our region is asked to fill out an end of year evaluation on the School Library System.  This evaluation is important as it lets us know what is going well and what we can improve.  Please fill out the completed evaluation by June 1.  Over the summer we will compile the survey results and share them with the region.

2.       We just added three new volumes to the Soundzabound collection.  The new additions are various sound effects which can be used in media projects.  The volumes are: Human Soundz, Scary Soundz, and Sports Soundz.  If you would like additional information on Soundzabound, or how to use it, please let us know.

3.       Suggestion: one of the best resources for what we do is ourselves.  With that thought in mind, I would highly recommend that each librarian completes an end of year report.  Types of items to include: Data, Data, Data!  The hard part is to decide what type of data to include.  I would suggest: number of classes visiting the library, total number of books checked out, usage of your various databases, types of lessons: Social Studies, Science, ELA…  Also include narrative and visual items in the report.  Talk about the skills a particular class learned during a lesson you taught.  Discuss a collaborative event that took place between you and a teacher.  Include pictures!  Share this report with building and district administration, the PTA, put it on your website…I could go on for pages…if you have questions on how to do one, or if you have a report you would like to share, please let me know.

4.       Reminder, if you would like to attend the Common Core Unit Planning Workshops, please RSVP to Patti Rose.  Space is limited!  If you are working out the details to attend, but still need to fill out the needed paperwork, please let Patti know you are working on registering for it.  Attached is the information for the workshop.

5.       Capstone is offering a special promotion on its PebbleGo Databases.  If a school purchases the three databases it already offers (Animals, Earth & Space, Biographies), then they will receive the fourth database for Social Studies (coming out in the Fall) for free.  Please contact Patti Rose with any questions.

6.       This summer, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Monroe #1 BOCES and RRLC are putting together a Tech Camp for School Librarians.  If you would like to present on any software, apps, or other techno items, please let me know.  Example- we are still looking for a presenters for Augmented Reality, Using NOVELny for Common Core, Free author videoconferencing…

7.       Reminder- the Teen Book Festival is right around the corner.  It is Saturday May 19 at Nazareth College.  Please visit for more information.

8.       Later this month myself and my counterpart at Monroe #1 BOCES will be presenting a workshop on Common Core State Standards to local Academic Librarians.  If there are items you would like us to share OR receive feedback from academic librarians on, please let me know.

9.       One of the Instructional Technology Specialists (Lori Burch) shared a really useful tool with me.  It is an adapter that will allow two different iDevices (iPhone and iPad) to be plugged in using the same charger.  I just bought one for myself and for my wife.  To see a description of the product, please visit:

10.   As you review your Online Database renewals, please let either Patti Rose or myself know if you have any questions.  For a listing of all available databases, please visit:  Reminder, if you are interested in a database not listed here, please contact Patti or Jim.

11.   Next week is our last SLS Council meeting of the year.  If you have topics or questions you would like discussed, please let either myself or your district representative know.

12.   The new round of Regents Review Live is now available.  You can borrow them on DVD from the Media Library.  They are also available as a video stream from:

13.   Through the Media Library, we have 10 copies of the book: Ophelia Joined the Group: Maidens who Don’t Float by Sarah Schmelling.  This book takes various literary characters and presents what their Facebook Page may look like.  If you would like to borrow one, please log into SNAP.  Characters or Groups include: Hamlet, Lord of the Flies, Holden Caulfield, Scarlet Letter, Of Mice and Men, plus many more!




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