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SLS Update 9/15/2011


Hard to believe we have finished our second week of school! Please see below for various informational items:

  1. We are thrilled to welcome several new or returning librarians to our region.  We also had some movement of librarians from one school to another.  Attached is a document listing all the changes and it is called Librarian changes in M2.

  2. Media Department information:
    1. If a teacher forgot their SNAP username/password OR if they are new and need to have one created, please visit:
    2. All schools now have access to Off-Air taping requests from the Media Library.  If you would like a program taped, please visit to submit a request
    3. Reminder, there is a large variety of audio books available for student and teacher use through the Media Library.  Log into SNAP to view available audio books OR to make suggestions for future purchases.
    4. Over the summer we purchased 60 Flip Camcorders for students and teachers to use.  To borrow them, please visit SNAP.

  1. One of the resources provided to all teachers in our region is  The have several training modules available:
    1. Online  video demonstrations introducing's resources, features, and uses:
    2. Plan customized, live trainings for one or more sites, timed when you want and for as long as you want:
    3. Take our online, inquiry-based Professional Development Module and create a personal Multimedia & Reading Implementation Plan to use in your classroom or library:
    4. There is also a section that correlates to the Common Core Standards

  2. Attached is a listing of current professional development opportunities from the Rochester Regional Library Council.  The handout is called RRLC PD.pdf.  Complete information may be found on their website by visiting

  3. Interlibrary Loan Information:
    1. Reminder, please check and process your ILL requests in a timely manner.
    2. I do have some ILL bookmarks if anyone would like any.
    3. St. Lawrence School is new to five systems- when sending them books, please use Greece as the District.
    4. If you need additional ILL labels, they can be found on the Monroe 2 BOCES SLS website.

  4. eBook information:
    1. Karen Mitchell is putting the finishing touches on an instructional sheet on how to use our eBooks. 
    2. If you have suggestions on eBooks, please let me know.  My goal at this time is to purchase eBooks that will support the Common Core Standards.
    3. If you are prompted for log in information for any BOCES eBooks, the information is:

                                                               i.      Username: brmonroe (Brockport), ccmonroe (Churchville-Chili), gcmonroe (Gates-Chili), grmonroe (Greece), himonroe (Hilton), homonroe (Holley), kemonroe (Kendall), spmonroe (Spencerport), wcmonroe (Wheatland-Chili)

                                                             ii.      Password for everyone: boces2

  1. The first SLS Council meeting for this year is Tuesday Sept 20.  If you have any items you would like discussed, please let your district representative know.

  2. The Teen Book Festival is sponsoring a Read-A-Thon in October (think Jump-A-Thon) at Barnes and Noble.  The purpose is to raise money for the annual Teen Book Festival to help keep this event free.  For more information on this, or promotional materials, please contact Stephanie Squicciarini (Fairport Teen/Young Adult Librarian) at


Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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