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1.       We have added an additional 16 eBooks to our Capstone collection (bringing the total to 60 titles from this publisher).  There should be no need to log in from a school device.  For home access, please use the generic BOCES district username and password.  Note- we have not received MARC records for them yet so they are not accessible via Follett or the Media Portal (they should be soon).Titles include:

·         Martin Luther King Jr Day: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 350.  Guided Reading Level L

·         Communities: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 250.  Guided Reading Level G

·         Memorial Day: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 330.  Guided Reading Level K

·         Recycling Step by Step: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 720.  Guided Reading Level L

·         Reindeer: Grade K-2.  Lexile 660.  Guided Reading Level K

·         Seeds Go, Seeds Grow: Grade K-4.  Lexile 710.  Guided Reading Level L

·         Bar Graphs: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 400.  Guided Reading Level K

·         Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!  The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear: Grade PK-3.  Lexile 410.  Guided Reading Level N

·         Up North and Down South: Using Map Directions: Grade 1-3.  Lexile 560.  Guided Reading Level N

·         Vietnam ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Vietnam: Grade K-5.  Lexile 840.  Guided Reading Level Q

·         An Elephant Grows Up: Grade K-2.  Lexile 700.  Guided Reading Level L

·         A Penguin's World: Grade K-2.  Lexile 740.  Guided Reading Level L

·         Up Close Mysteries: Zoomed In Photo Puzzles: Grade PK-2.  Lexile 780.  Guided Reading Level K

·         Who Grows Up in the Snow?: A Book about Polar Animals and their Offspring: Grade K-4.  Lexile 820.  Guided Reading Level L

·         If I were the President: Grade K-3.  Lexile 690.  Guided Reading Level K

2.       Upcoming Professional Development:

·         Using the SLMPE Rubric as our Member Plan of Service on January 16 (3:45-4:45).  Learn about the BOCES 2 Member Plan of Service and the School Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric.  Open to all administrators and librarians.

·         Using on January 23 (3:45-4:45 at Spencerport Terry Taylor School).  Presented by Spencerport Librarian Linda Paul.  Are you looking for a better way to assess your students? You may want to give a try. Come to this workshop to use as a student and then try it as a teacher. You can set up questions to “quiz” your students. Once the students are done, you can receive their answers as an Excel spreadsheet seeing all answers on one sheet! Or perhaps you would like to prepare a quick exit ticket after using an online resource. can help you with that too. Please bring a quiz or a worksheet (multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions work great) that you would like to implement in  Open to all teachers, administrators and librarians.

·         Using Gale Online Resources to Support Social Studies Curriculum on January 30 (3:30-5:30 at Greece Arcadia High School).  A Trainer from Gale will review Secondary Social Studies resources available through databases and eBooks.  Open to all teachers, administrators and librarians.

·         Using Gale Online Resources to Support Science Curriculum on February 6 (3:30-5:30 at Brockport High School).  A Trainer from Gale will review Secondary Science resources available through databases and eBooks.  Open to all teachers, administrators and librarians.

3.       Over the Holiday Vacation, two new volumes were added to our Soundzabound collection.  Soundzabound offers royalty-free music and sounds, perfect for ensuring teachers and students are copyright compliant.   This is the perfect resource to find music and sound effects to include in presentations, videos, slide shows, sporting events, morning news announcement, digital storytelling, cable TV broadcasting, and more.

·         Cinematic Magic Volume

·         Media Music Madness Volume

·         Also, it is now possible to directly import Soundzabound music and sound effects onto an iDevice.  Please visit and click on the tutorial video.

4.       For those schools in the Library Automation CoSER, we are exploring a new Destiny integration to the BOCES eBook collection.  This would eliminate the need to access it via One Search and would allow users to access the eBooks with one click from the search results screen.

·         Elementary Schools would receive all eBooks labeled as Primary, Intermediate, and Professional

·         Secondary School would receive all eBooks labeled as Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School and Professional

·         We are using Holley High School and Holley Elementary School as our test cases.  Click on the school name and do a search for BOCES- this will bring up all the eBooks from BOCES

·         This will be further discussed at next week’s SLS Council Meeting- please share any input with your Council Rep.


5.       Reminder, Jane Reeves will be out of the office until March.  Please contact Karen Mitchell for any Follett Destiny related issues.  The Library Automation email address is:  Karen’s direct phone number is 349-9049. 

6.       Media Department Update:

·         Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was added to the iPod Audio Book Library.  To borrow this title, please visit the Media Portal.

·         The Star War’s Myth Buster’s episode is available from Off-Air Taping.  To borrow a copy, please fill out the Off-Air request form.


7.       PBS/WXXI Update:

·         The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is now running (there was a slight name change).  The contest will run until April 25, 2014.  Attached are three different handouts regarding this contest.

·         January, 2014 WXXI Education e-Newsletter

·         The next Ken Burns Documentary (April 2014) is on the Gettysburg Address (150th anniversary).  As part of this project, PBS is collecting examples of people, groups, classes, clubs… reading the Gettysburg Address.  Our local WXXI Station is looking for a few schools or classes that could be videotaped reading/performing/acting out… the address.  WXXI would come to the school and tape and edit the students.

                                                               i.      Samples of this being done can be found on the website:

                                                             ii.      The local WXXI website for this is:

                                                           iii.      There is a chance that some of the readings/performances could be included in the Ken Burns special

                                                           iv.      If interested, please contact Cara Rager at WXXI.

8.       American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Best Apps for Teaching and Learning is accepting nominations of apps to be considered for the 2014 list.  Nominate it online at

9.       We have several 2014 Calendars from Baker & Taylor.  The calendar features cats.  If you are a cat fan and would like one, please contact Patti Rose.




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099

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