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SLS Update 3//13/2014



1.        Karen Mitchell is currently importing MARC records for the entire Monroe 2 eBook collection into each schools catalog belonging to the Library Automation CoSER. 

·         When students/teachers search their school’s catalogs, the eBooks will show on the search results page

·         On the search results page there is an Open button.  By clicking this it will open that specific eBook (One Click to open the eBook versus the current 4-5 clicks that it takes)

·         No need to log in from school.  For home access, use the generic district username/password

                                                               i.      One exception are the Arbordale (Sylvan Dell) titles

·         The eBooks can easily be added to any resource list

·         Holley, Kendall, Wheatland Chili, Hilton, and Spencerport are complete.  Karen is still working on Churchville Chili, Gates Chili and Greece

·         If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact either Jim Belair or Karen Mitchell

2.       The Rochester Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core is a two part conference designed for Rochester area cultural institutions and K-12 Educators to interact  and learn from each other regarding the Common Core State Standards . 

·         The first part is designed for cultural education institutions (such as historical societies, libraries, and museums) to learn about the Common Core and what schools are looking for from cultural institutions.  This will take place April 11 from 1-5 at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. 

·         The second part is a full day workshop designed for cultural institutions to interact and discuss with local K-12 educators about their programs and services that they can offer to local schools.  This will be held July 23 at Genesee Country Village and Museum.

·         For more information, please see that attached document.  Additional information and registration is available by visiting:

·         Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in attending.

3.       The revised draft of the Common Core K-12 Social Studies Framework has been posted .   NYSED is seeking feedback, please email: .   A vote on the Framework is expected at the April 28th Regents Meeting

4.        Online trial is now available for FactCite: Lincoln Library databases.  The trial will last until 6/30/2014

·         To access the trial:  Username: monroe2  Password: monroe2   (These are case sensitive)

                                                               i.      Biography for Beginners: More than 600 biographies of U.S. presidents, inventors, authors, and more; index by Lexile measure

                                                             ii.      Shapers of Society: 101 Men and Women Who Shaped Our World: Great Common Core resource. Narrative biographies enhanced with primary source documents; index by Lexile measure

                                                           iii.      Sports Champions: 700+ profiles from all nine print editions, updated; index by Lexile measure

                                                           iv.      World Biography: Dictionary-style biographies of historic figures worldwide

                                                             v.      Mythology: 500 articles on Greek and Roman mythological figures, plus 250 entries on world mythology; Easy Reading version of key Greek entries

                                                           vi.      American History: U.S. states, American Indians, eras in American history

                                                         vii.      Science: Elements, Planets, Animals, Earth Science, and much more; over 1,000 images

                                                       viii.      Essential Information: Covers most areas of the curriculum

5.       Common Sense Media release their entire Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum as a set of eight interactive, multimedia iBooks textbooks, available for free in the iBooks store. You can download the books at For more information, visit here.  

6.       Reminder, the SLS purchase the Library Literature & Information Science Database which is fully accessible via Ebsco! This database contains access to various journals including: School Library Journal, Teacher Librarian, VOYA, and hundreds of others! To access this resource, please use this link:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=llf. Each district has its own, unique log in information- it is the same as the eBooks and Soundzabound. Note- Ebsco has a nice App for mobile devices.

7.       The Media Library has added several new iPod Shuffles, we now have over 700 units available for lending.  We realize the frustrations faced by teachers and students in the Fall.  Hopefully, these concerns have been addressed.

·         Loan period is 3 weeks.  If units are available, you can renew the shuffles

·         If a teacher is using them with a class, we can loan a single shuffle or even 5 shuffles (one for each class) for the duration of the module

·         Audio splitters available which allow for 5 headphones to connect to the shuffle

·         For more information on these, please contact either Joshua Perks or Jim Belair




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