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SLS Update 3/21/2014



1.       eBook Update:

·         Karen Mitchell has finished uploading eBook records to all schools in the Library Automation CoSER.  To access the eBooks, do a regular search and when you find an eBook title click the OPEN button on the search results screen.  You should be directed straight to the eBook.  Note- you can limit a search so only eBooks appear. 

·         The SLS currently has a large collection of titles from Gale Cengage.  This week Gale finished importing each eBook into the GVRL account for each school in our region.

·         Arbordale (Sylvan Dell) eBooks can now be downloaded onto the iPad.  On the App, click on the Manage account along the left hand side.  Then, pick which titles you want to download

2.       The elementary libraries in Churchville Chili just re-did their library webpage to include databases and eBooks.  Feel free to view the Chestnut Ridge Elementary Library.  If you would like help modifying your library website, Jim Belair is more than happy to assist. 

3.       RRLC is again holding their “Do you Love Your Library” contest.  Last year Greece’s Autumn Lane Library won the contest (congrats again to Katie Boggs).  Attached is more information on the contest.  Please also visit: begins March 23 and will end March 29.

4.       News from SSL (Section of School Librarians)

·         SSL Newsletter:

·         12 Scholarship for Summer SSL Institute in Ithaca are available.  The theme this summer is “Own the Common Core Research Requirement”.  For more information, please visit: SSL Scholarships for Carol A. Kearney Leadership Institute

5.       Upcoming Professional Developments

·         Updated listing of workshop’s being held by RRLC is attached

·         Understanding Social Media, Thursday March 27 from 3:45-4:45 at the CaTS Building.  The term “social media” is heard everywhere today, but what exactly is it and how does it relate to education? This class will serve as a primer for your understanding of social media. We will cover many of the most popular social media services and discuss their implications for your students. (Teachers and Librarians)

·         Destiny Tips from the Trenches, Thursday April 3 from 3:45-4:45 at the CaTS Building.  This fast paced session will show you some remarkable ways other librarians are using Destiny in their schools. Topics include promoting the library, reports for administrators, advertising book reviews, Visual Search for research projects and more. Local librarians have customized Destiny for added value to their students and teachers. From ABC books to Z Sources, there’s something for everyone in this session. (Library Staff Only)

·         Best New Children’s Literature, Thursday April 10 from 3:45-4:45 at the Gates Public Library.  Cathy Henderson (Greece Public) and Stacey Martin (Chili Public) will share what is new in children’s literature. (Teachers and Librarians)

6.       Reminder, two new resources for NOVELny are eLibrary Elementary and ProQuest Newstand (includes archives for the Democrat and Chronicle).  Attached is a spreadsheet (ProQuest Links.xlsx) which includes direct links for those two databases.  As long as a user is in NY, there should be no need to log in.

7.       Comics Conference on Friday, May 2nd  from 8:00-4:30pm at Rochester Central Library.  There will be presentations by creators (Faith Erin Hicks, Josh Neufeld, Chris Giarusso, Colleen Venable, and Dave Chisholm) and various experts and educators in the world of comics (Karen Green, Adrielle Mitchell, Dr. Maria Hopkins...).   Please see the attached flyer and registration form for more info

8.       We are looking to add two new vendors to our eBook collections

·         Mason Crest eBooks

                                                               i.  You will need to click sign out (it shares a platform with Mitchell Lane Publishing!!)

                                                             ii.      Username: masoncrest_rep  Password: mcdemo

                                                            iii.      Can search by subject area or grade range (PK-2 ; 3-5 ; 6-8)

·         Salem Press





                                                             v.      Username for all is monroe2 and the password for all is monroe2

                                                           vi.      These are geared more towards High School

·         If you see any titles that you would like added to the regional collections, please send to Patti Rose

9.       WXXI April 2014 Off Air Highlights are attached to this email.

10.   The Governor, Senate and Assembly have now all released their proposed budgets and they will negotiate a final budget based on those documents over the next two weeks. A quick summary:

·         The NYS Senate’s budget included $89.6M in library aid, (+$8M over Executive Proposal). This is our top-line number, and we must do everything we can to make sure it is non-negotiable during the final budget formulation process.

·         The NYS Assembly’s budget included $83.6M in library aid, restoring half of the Governor’s cut (+$2M over Executive Proposal). This is largest proposed increase in library aid the Assembly has allocated in several years.  It is important to view this action as our issue gaining traction and putting us in a better position to negotiate.

·         Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget included $81.6M in library aid, (a $4M cut from FY13-14)

·         Click HERE to access a pre-drafted letter that will be targeted directly to the members of the Senate regarding the need for continued support.  Or, you can change the message for your needs.

11.   Career Cruising helps give students and schools an easy and effective way to develop skills and knowledge needed for success. We do this with age-appropriate career development, assessments, planners and other resources that are based on the real world. It all starts with either ccSpark! (brochure attached) at the elementary level or ccSpringboard (summary of features attached) at the middle or high school level and then builds from there to include options for every grade and phase of career development for students. Once the foundation is in place you can add:

    • ccTheRealGame – online role play interactive to teach students about financial literacy, budgeting and time management
    • ccPathfinder – streamline the course registration process, connecting students’ academic plans to their ccSpringboard college/career plans by integrating with various Student Information Systems (PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Skyward and many more!)
    • ccAchievecollege application trackers, financial aid/scholarships and e-transcript submission
    • Method Test Prep – SAT/ACT test prep for students while tracking tools for teachers, counselors, and administrators




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
Office: (585) 349-9099

Cell: (585) 465-9906


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