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World Book

Advanced Reference Suite

WB Advanced + WB Student + WB Kids + EEH. Includes access to primary source documents and other important works. Read aloud and language translations are included.

Children's Edition

WB Student + WB Kids + Discover + Early World of Learning (EWOL) + EEH: everything the S & L Edition offers, plus Discover’s easy-to-read articles and engaging ‘Q & A’ video library. EWOL is perfect for K-3. Read-aloud and language translations are included.

Social Studies Power for classroom

A Social Studies classroom resource for upper elementary and middle school. Social Studies Power is curriculum based with 100 read-aloud lessons with dual Lexile levels. Each lesson includes pre and post assessments with geography and civics tools, extension activities, inquiry projects, critical thinking challenges, vocabulary quizzes, and links to World Book Online articles. Teachers may search lessons by state curriculum standards or view current textbook standards which are then are linked to lessons.

AD Package

Advanced Reference Suite + Discover: everything the Advanced Reference Suite offers, + Discover, offering resources for differentiated learning and with engaging ‘Q & A’ video library. Read-aloud and language translations for all reference articles. For MS & HSs.

School & Library Edition

WB Student + WB Kids + EEH: World Book’s Student online encyclopedia includes a biography center, citation builder, timelines, an electronic briefcase to save research media and articles. WB Kids provides easier vocabulary for younger readers. EEH provides a Spanish-language version of WB Kids.

AD Package w/EWOL

Advanced Reference Suite + Discover + Early World of Learning - perfect for a K-12 building