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Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES is reviewing an exciting new digital resource called NBC LEARN, a collection of videos, documents, and images for classroom and online use.


You can access NBC LEARN through the Media Portal by searching for “NBC Learn” or you can also limit the search results to just this vendor.  Perform a key word search (such as Bay of Pigs).  Along the right hand side look for the vendor section and click  NBCLearn.


All NBC Learn content will be accessible by teachers and students through the end of the school year June 30, 2014


In NBC LEARN, you will have access to:


Ø  Over 10,000 primary source videos, documents, letters, and images

Ø  Current events videos updated daily

Ø  Vetted content that is K-12 safe

Ø  Resources for Sciences, Social Studies, Language Arts, Business, Health, and more

Ø  Historic news broadcasts and newsreels from the 1930’s – Present

Ø  Full transcripts, bibliographic citations, and closed captioning

Ø  Rights and Copyright cleared for classroom and online use

Ø  Aligned to State Standards


For a quick introduction to NBC LEARN, there are two videos that you might want to watch:


Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, discusses the NBC LEARN archive (3 mins)



The NBC LEARN video tour (15 mins)



You will need to login via the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Media Portal to unlock the full videos on the NBC LEARN website.  Please contact Joshua Perks  if you need help accessing the media portal. 


Finally, NBC LEARN has offered to hold free webinars for our faculty to help familiarize you with the resources.  If you are interested, please contact me and I will set up a time.  You can also sign up directly with NBC at


Throughout the review period, we will be collecting feedback from users about what they think of the NBC resources.  If you have any feedback to give on the service please send it to Joshua Perks


We do not have pricing yet, but will make it available when we have it.


I hope you enjoy getting to know the NBC LEARN resources!

Questions: contact Joshua Perks or Jim Belair