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SLS Update 4/4/2014



This has been an extremely busy past couple of weeks!  Lots of BIG TICKET items below!


1.       We are preparing to roll out Axis 360 eBooks.  This service contains a lot of popular fiction eBook titles for students to download on their own devices!

·         Each school has its own account

·         Each school will be able to purchase content, through BOCES, for only their students to use

·         Each librarian should have received information on how to access the Baker & Taylor online store to browse eBooks and audio books

·         Stay tuned for more information!

2.       Through the Media Library we are running an extend trial of NBC Learn

·         Large collection of historic NBC News segments on a variety of topics

·         Each news report contains full transcripts

·         Please refer to the Update on 4/2/14 regarding this for more information:

·         You can access this via the Media Portal

3.       Upcoming Professional Development:

·         Best New Children’s Literature (April 10th- 3:45-4:45 at Gates Public Library).  Children’s Literature is an amazing thing to read! Help keep on top of some great reads from the past six months that you may have missed with this workshop focusing on new fiction and non-fiction.  Presented by Cathy Henderson (Greece Public Library) and Stacey Martin (Chili Public Library).  Open to all teachers and librarians

·         Axis 360 (May 1st- 3:45-4:45 at CaTS).  We are excited to present our latest eBook acquisitions--popular fiction titles from Axis 360. During this hands-on workshop, we will show you how to access these one-user-at-a-time eBooks, create your own custom account and how to download them to your mobile device.

·         Best New Young Adult Literature (May 8th- 3:45-4:45 at Gates Public Library).  Young Adult Literature is in a boom period, with dozens of titles being released every month. Help keep on top of some great reads from the past six months that you may have missed with this workshop focusing on new fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. A series of quick book talks will highlight contemporary, dystopian, paranormal, sci-fi, and historical YA works—and more!  Open to all teachers and librarians

·         Inventory within Follett Destiny (May 15th- 3:45-4:45 at CaTS).  This one-hour class will give you the resources you need to return to your library and conduct an inventory using Destiny Library Manager.


4.       Last call eBook suggestions (or input if you do not think would add to our regional collection)

·         Abdo

                                                               i.  Username: jbelair  Password: abdotrial

                                                            ii.      Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, or High School                                        

·         Salem Publishing   





                                                             v.      Username for all is monroe2 and the password for all is monroe2

                                                           vi.      These are geared more towards High School

·         Mason Crest

                                                               i.  You will need to click sign out (it shares a platform with Mitchell Lane Publishing!!)

                                                             ii.      Username: masoncrest_rep  Password: mcdemo

                                                            iii.      Can search by subject area or grade range (PK-2 ; 3-5 ; 6-8)


·         Please send comments by 4/11 to Patti Rose (


5.       For those schools in the Library Automation CoSER Five Systems data collection is under way. Please advise the Library Automation team of you would like a delay by emailing

6.       Author Clive Thompson will be presenting in the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School Auditorium on Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm and all are welcome to attend. Thompson, a columnist for Wired magazine and frequent contributor to the New York Times Magazine, is the author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Lives for the Better. Don't miss this wonderful, FREE opportunity! A special thanks to Brett Daggs, HFL Librarian, for offering this event to our community.

7.       WXXI (PBS) Update:

·         April, 2014 WXXI Education e-Newsletter

·         Attached is information for the WXXI Local Writer’s Contest for kids in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade.

                                                               i.       More information may be found by visiting:

                                                             ii.      This is an awesome experience and I am thrilled to be one of the judges on the panel

                                                            iii.      Deadline is April 25

8.       Cool site shared by Donna Farren (Monroe 2 Distance Learning Specialist:

·         Focus is on watching a movie and comparing it to history

·         Great focus on CCSS and critical thinking skills


9.       Save the Date: The annual Book Expo, held in New York City, will be taking place May 28-31.  If you plan on attending, you can receive 15% off of admission by calling Book Expo directly and asking for Amy or Nellie- mention this is for the librarian group rate which is listed Suzanne Shearman (Brockport Barclay Elementary School).




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
Office: (585) 349-9099

Cell: (585) 465-9906


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