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SLS Update 4/9/2014



1.       I wish to extend a heartfelt welcome to back Jane Reeves!  It is great to have you back J!

2.       A fantastic 5 minute video created for Pre-Service Administrators on the value and role of School Librarians.  The video is called: "Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School."

3.       Educator Appreciation Days at Barnes and Noble April 12-20.  25% off classroom and personal purchases.

·         Greece Ridge B&N is having two receptions (with a Nook and a $500 gift card raffle).  Saturday, April 12 @10:00 OR Wednesday, April 16 @7:00

4.       Upcoming Professional Development:

·         Best New Children’s Literature (April 10th- 3:45-4:45 at Gates Public Library).  Children’s Literature is an amazing thing to read! Help keep on top of some great reads from the past six months that you may have missed with this workshop focusing on new fiction and non-fiction.  Presented by Cathy Henderson (Greece Public Library) and Stacey Martin (Chili Public Library).  Open to all teachers and librarians

·         Axis 360 (May 1st- 3:45-4:45 at CaTS).  We are excited to present our latest eBook acquisitions--popular fiction titles from Axis 360. During this hands-on workshop, we will show you how to access these one-user-at-a-time eBooks, create your own custom account and how to download them to your mobile device.

·         Best New Young Adult Literature (May 8th- 3:45-4:45 at Gates Public Library).  Young Adult Literature is in a boom period, with dozens of titles being released every month. Help keep on top of some great reads from the past six months that you may have missed with this workshop focusing on new fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. A series of quick book talks will highlight contemporary, dystopian, paranormal, sci-fi, and historical YA works—and more!  Open to all teachers and librarians

·         Inventory within Follett Destiny (May 15th- 3:45-4:45 at CaTS).  This one-hour class will give you the resources you need to return to your library and conduct an inventory using Destiny Library Manager.

5.       FYI-  Below is information from NYLA.  In essence, a  bill was recently introduced to eliminate IMLS and privatize its services.  The IMLS is the Federal Library Program that helps fund  the NY State Library (programs such as NOVELny, staff at DLD…).  Note, there is a White House petition at the end of this email…..

U.S. House Budget Proposal Dismisses Role of IMLS


In a new budget released today from Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman denounces the critical role that the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) plays in supporting civic engagement, literacy and lifelong learning in more than 123,000 libraries nationwide. Rep. Ryan recommends that the federal government not have a role in libraries and that Congress shift the federal agency’s responsibilities to the private sector in his 2015 fiscal year budget resolution.

Today, American Library Association (ALA) President Barbara Stripling released the following statement in response to Rep. Ryan’s budget (pdf):

“We were shocked to learn that Representative Paul Ryan recommended eliminating IMLS, the agency that promotes library services for the American public. We are disappointed by the House Budget Committee’s outright dismissal of IMLS, the agency that administers the primary source of federal funding to libraries. Libraries depend on the support they receive from IMLS to help patrons learn new skills, find job opportunities and access reading materials that they otherwise could not afford. More than $180 million has been appropriated to the Institute for Museum and Library Services through September 2014 to help libraries make information and services available to the citizens they serve.

In Rep. Ryan’s own state of Wisconsin, more than 65 percent of libraries report that they are the only free access point to Internet in their communities. Just a few blocks from Rep. Ryan’s Wisconsin office, more than 716,000 visitors used the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin to access library computers and research databases, check out books and receive job training in 2013. The Institute of Museum and Library Services administered more than $2.8 million in the 2014 fiscal year to help Wisconsin libraries prepare young students for school and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all Wisconsin residents. For example, the state reported that more than 215,000 children participated in summer reading programs at Wisconsin public libraries.

IMLS provides invaluable professional development opportunities to librarians across the country. As the director of school library programs for the New York City Department of Education, I witnessed the ways in which the IMLS-supported programs helped young students learn and discover new information. In recent years, IMLS provided professional training for New York City school librarians, who used their training they received to change the lives of children with limited access to books and technology.

Furthermore, the Institute has been a vital component in facilitating collaboration between federal agencies that relate to library services, such as the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Communication Commission and the Government Printing Office, among others. For example, the Institute has been instrumental in working with the U.S. Department of Labor so that libraries can be considered additional One-Stop partners for job-seekers.

Library funding support from the Institute for Museum and Library Services wields large returns in the form of literate and civically engaged communities. We hope that Congress will support the important role that the Institute for Museum and Library Services plays in supporting educated communities by rejecting the House Budget resolution.” Petition

Calling on President Obama to we petition the Obama administration to release a statement that funding libraries and museums is a core federal responsibility.

Add your name to the petition - click here.


6.       Reminder, through the Media Portal we have a trial taking place for NBC Learn.  This contains an extensive collection of historical NBC News segments.  Each news report also contains a full transcript. 

7.       Reminder- if you are interested in helping BOCES with the roll out for Axis 360, please let Jim Belair know.  Most, if not all, the work will be done via email.

8.       FYI- the funding pool for the EBL eBook project is almost used up.  After next week, only those titles that were purchased through this program will be available (those titles are included in the MARC record uploads in each school’s catalog).

9.       Online Databases:

·         Earlier this week Patti Rose sent out renewal information to everyone.  Please let either Patti Rose or Jim Belair know if you have any questions.

·         Patti also sent out usage data for all online databases- if you have questions, please let either Patti or Jim know.

·         Trial information is attached for

                                                               i.      InfoBase Learning

                                                             ii.      ProQuest

                                                            iii.      World and I trial info:  AND ALSO  Username: m20  Password: trial

10.   We have noticed some schools/districts are having issues accessing eBooks, Databases, or Follett items.  Often, this could be a browser issue.  If you are experiencing this, please contact Jane Reeves or Karen Mitchell for help on this.



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