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SLS Update 6/26/2014



I apologize for not sending out an update sooner this month….I do want to wish everyone a safe and happy summer!


1.       Reminder, if you are going to be in this summer and would like assistance or training on any topics, please contact us!  Jane, Karen, Joshua and I are around and welcome summer visits.

·         Note- recently I have helped several libraries update their webpage- if you would like assistance with this, please let me know.

2.       Summer Professional Development Opportunities:

·         Judy Freeman Best Books for Kids PK-6 on July 18 at Central Library

                                                               i.      Cost is $10 (the RRLC Website had a hiccup the other day with this)

                                                             ii.      You can bring along a teacher or administrator if you are also attending ($10 for them as well)

                                                            iii.      Register via the RRLC website

·         Tech Camp for Librarians on August 22 at Monroe 2 BOCES Spencerport

                                                               i.      FREE to attend

                                                             ii.      We will have 16 different sessions to choose from

                                                            iii.      16 Vendors will be participating

                                                           iv.      FREE lunch from Mangia, Mangia

                                                             v.      Register via the RRLC website

·         Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core

                                                               i.      Registration is closed

                                                             ii.      We have a waiting list for this event (at last look 31 people are on the list)

·         Destiny Library Manager- New Users/Refresher

                                                               i.      August 26 from 10-2 at the CaTS Building

                                                             ii.      FREE to attend for those in Library Automation CoSER

3.       On Tuesday a meeting was held with area High School Librarians and Academic Librarians.  Over 50 librarians were in attendance.  Notes are available by visiting:   Please feel free to add to the notes.   I will be sending out follow up information to all those in attendance.

4.       Attached is a listing of new education books available through the Central Library in Rochester.

5.       Please be sure to let us know of any staffing changes: new librarians, clerks, teaching assistances…

6.       Attached is information from RASL (Rochester Area School Librarians).

7.       At the New York State Fair this year, there will be a librarian booth.  For more information:




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
Office: (585) 349-9099

Cell: (585) 465-9906

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