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SLS Update 09/03/2014



Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer!  Every week(ish) the BOCES SLS will send out an update regarding libraries, new resources from the SLS, news from State Ed or other local partners, upcoming professional development programs, and anything else that could be of interest to school library staff, instructional leaders, or administrators.  If you know of anyone else who would like to be added to this email list please let Jim Belair know.


1.       This summer we had several new librarians join our region:

·         Greece: Jill Ernst Morse at English Village, Cami LaLonde at Olympia High School, Ella Berenstein at Longridge

·         Holley: Julie Bader at Holley Elementary (this is a new position- Holley now has separate elementary and secondary librarians)

·         Kendall: Sara Baglioni at the elementary and secondary building

·         Spencerport: Amanda Cordovani at Cosgrove Middle School

·         Additionally, two librarians were married over the summer.  Congratulations to Debbie Nobles (Mulhern) and Elizabeth Yu (Maurer)

2.       Attached is a one page quick reference for each school.  A comprehensive directory (including all library staff) is also available on the SLS Website:  Please review both directories and send any updates to Patti Rose.

3.       Media Department Updates:

·         Reminder: In June we upgraded our CCC! subscription.  We now have access to over 5,500 streaming videos (over 100,000 2-3 minute video clips) from this vendor.

                                                               i.      Programs are aligned with CCSS.

                                                             ii.      Programs include teacher’s guides, student activities, and quizzes.

                                                            iii.      To access this and all other resources, please visit the Media Portal.

·         There is a new Instructional Media Brochure available for teachers listing eResources.  It is attached to this email (print on legal size paper).

                                                               i.       If you would like copies to distribute to your faculty please contact Joshua Perks.

·         This summer Joshua Perks weeded out the remaining VHS titles from the Media Department.

·         The following districts now subscribe to Ensemble Video: Brockport, Churchville Chili, Gates Chili, Hilton and Spencerport.

                                                               i.      If anyone would like training on how to use this system, please contact Joshua Perks.

4.       eBook Updates:

·         We have upgraded our subscription to ebrary!  Our new subscription now gives ALL teachers, students, administrators access to over 100,000 eBook titles!  Note, most of the titles are nonfiction at a high school or college level (plus several hundred professional titles related to education- including ASCD titles).  Because there so many titles we are NOT including them in your Follett Destiny catalog.  Instead, think of it as another database for your students and teachers to access. 

                                                               i.      To explore:

                                                             ii.      No need to sign in from school.  For home access, use the standard eBook username/password.

·         In addition to new content from ebrary, the user interface has been redesigned.  The new interface is much more intuitive, easier to use, and mobile device friendly.

                                                               i.      The ebrary app is now defunct.  Please delete the app from any devices you have.

·         Over the summer, the Rosen Spotlight on NY eBooks were updated.  As a result the current links in your Follett Destiny do not work.  Until we receive the new links, you can access them by visiting:

                                                               i.      Please see the attached document for more information on the updated Spotlight on NY eBooks.

5.       Professional Development Updates:

·         Destiny Refresher Sept 17 from 3:45-4:45 at CaTS.  This one hour session will cover the Destiny Library Manager calendar, global recall date, One Search set-up and testing, email overdue notices, and a review of your library's site configuration and settings.

·         Axis 360 eBook Collection Sept 25 from 3:45-4:45 at CaTS.  We are excited to present our latest eBook acquisitions- popular fiction titles from Axis 360.  During this hands-on workshop, we will show you how to access these one-user-at-a-time eBooks, create your own custom account, and how to download them to your mobile device.

·         Copyright Workshop Oct 6 (Monroe 2 BOCES) or Oct 9 (Monroe 1 BOCES).  Full day.  Please save the date for a full day workshop on copyright.  We will focus on user created content in the digital age.  More information to follow on this free event.  Open to all teachers, librarians, administrators, technology staff.

·         For a complete listing of all Fall 2014 SLS workshops, please visit:

6.       A High School Library outside of Syracuse, NY (Camden HS) put together an AMAZING website with ELA Common Core links to online texts and audio for the module titles.  This is the link for 9th grade:  Note- for grades 10-12 look at the left hand side of the website.

7.       Online Database Updates:

·         Everyone should have received a spreadsheet containing the access information for all of your Online eResources and Online Databases.

                                                               i.      If you did not, please contact Patti Rose

·         This summer Patti worked on creating eResources and Online Databases access cards for each school.  She will be sending those out to you soon.

·         If you would like assistance re-working your libraries webpage, please let Jim Belair know.

8.       I would welcome the opportunity to stop by your school for a visit to answer any questions you have, review resources and services available to assist your students, or to talk about anything else on your mind.  Please send us various dates (they could be for next week or next month).




Jim Belair
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
Office: (585) 349-9099

Cell: (585) 465-9906


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