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SLS Update 11/14/2014



1.        Attached is a guide from NY State Department of Education regarding The Role of Research in the Implementation of Common Core Learning Standards

·         This is for grades P-12

·         Page 3 contains more detailed information for secondary students

·         It highlights the Stripling Model of Inquiry.  Note- Dr. Stripling will be coming to Monroe 2 BOCES on May 21 for a full day workshop for classroom teachers and librarians on the inquiry process

·         The IFC is highlighted in the guide

·         NOVELny databases and primary source documents are also highlighted in the guide

2.       The K-12 Social Studies Field Guide was also recently released:

·         The NY State Social Studies Teachers Convention (March 11-14 in Syracuse) has an entire strand devoted to libraries and information literacy.  For more information:

3.       Reminder, the Grolier Databases from Scholastic are part of NOVELny.

·         Includes the following databases: Amazing Animals of the World, America the Beautiful, The New Book of Popular Science, Lands and Peoples, Encyclopedia Americana, New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia and La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre.

·         If your school is coming up with the wrong default grade level (elem, middle or high) please contact Patti Rose

·         Scholastic is hosting customized NOVELNY training session on November 18, 2014, 3:30pm to help NOVELNY users optimize their use of Scholastic GO!'s resources to best support their Common Core instruction with students and in support of teachers. The session will focus on Common Core's key aspects, ranging from Information Text and Vocabulary to Deeper Evidenced Based Research, Text Complexity and Point of View, and how best to incorporate these core objectives via Scholastic GO! into schools and public libraries. The session will also include how to incorporate materials from Scholastic GO! into Summer Reading at New York Libraries. Please register at Event password: winter.  Call in number: 1-866-422-5206.  Participant code: 2238180846

4.       Reminder, the email feature of Five Systems is not working properly (Andy from GV BOCES is working on it).  Please manually log into Five Systems to check for ILL requests every day.

5.       PBS LearningMedia has added over 1500 interactive resources to the Media Portal. These fun interactives include Maps, Science Experiments, Spelling Games, Math Puzzles and more. To find these resources log into the Media Portal and search for “interactive resource” (with the quotes).

6.       Upcoming workshop for teachers and librarians: Teaching Media Literacy for Students

·         Wednesday December 10 from 3:45 to 4:45

·         Just as literacy is a skill that equips one to understand and communicate through language, media literacy is a skill that equips students to understand and communicate through media.  Media Literacy classes provide students with skills, tools, insights, and a vocabulary to understand the important role that media plays in shaping, reflecting, and sometimes subverting our social realities.  This course will outline the importance of teaching media literacy and will review some ready-to-teach plans.


7.       Pebble Go Next is being released next week.  We will keep everyone posted as we receive access information

·         The logo for this database is on the SLS Logo’s page:




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