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SLS Update & eBook Trial 11/19/2014



1. We have a limited time trial for a new eBook partner that I think would work well with our eBook collection.  These titles are geared for grades K-8.  The publisher is StarWalk Kids.  They contain both fiction and nonfiction titles.

  • Trial will last until December 2
  • All titles are searchable by grade level or lexile
  • A video tour of the eBooks is available by visitng:
  • To access the eBooks: 
    • Username: m2boces and username: m2boces
  • If you are using this trial with tablets, such as the iPad, Android, or latest generation Kindle Fire tablet, I suggest that you visit the App Store for the appropriate tablet maker, and then search for and download the free SWKids Reader app and install on each device to be used with the collection.  Once installed, students can login directly into the app, and go to a simple bookshelf browse and search experience.
  • Please provide Jim Belair feedback- either positive or negative on these titles.

2. Ebsco is offering a new way to purchase popular magazines that can be used on a computer or mobile device.  This service is called Flipster.  Titles include items such at Sports Illustrated, Consumer Reports, Appleseeds, Cricket and People

3. The University at Buffalo Department of Library Science is launching an annual newsletter about the department, faculty updates and graduate updates.  The first issue is available by visiting:


4.  Five Systems email update: there was an issue with the email service that was being used. as part of an update  It is temporarily switched back to the older version.  Next month they will switch it over to a new service- they do not anticipate any issues, but if you do encounter any, please let us know.


5. Since 1973, NSTA and the Children's Book Council have collaborated to select an annual list of Outstanding Science Trade Books (OSTB) for Students K–12.  Heartwarming and engaging stories that explore a host of topics from Batman Science to Dung Beetles are on this year's OSTB list for K—12 students. Explore the 2015 list, where you will find not only traditional science content, but also books that allow children to explore engineering and design. Two of the books—Neighborhood Sharks and Star Stuff—also made the New York Times' special "Book Review" section on children's titles.

You can find this list, and lists from years past, at NSTA Recommends, where you can generate an Excel file of your favorites. To help you select and use these outstanding teaching tools, NSTA also has developed a Guide to Science Trade Books, available free of charge.



Jim Belair
Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES
School Library System Director
3625 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 349-9099




Apologies for sending out another posting so soon, but two items just came across my desk that I know might be of interest!


1.       Art Force Five’s Creativity Over Conflict workshop to five Rochester schools for a mid-January tour.  A message from the group based out of Alfred University: we are offering workshops for free – only requesting to build our assessment in order to strengthen our program before a 2016 residency (and 2015 grant applications).  We find the most impactful audiences are upper elementary school grades (3rd-6th grades) preferably with just one grade chosen for an assembly format with several classrooms attending at once (50-80 students). A 90-minute presentation time is ideal.  We prefer performing for just one grade, so we can build a returning relationship with a school for that identified grade.  More information can be found at . References are available in the presenter’s guide that can be shared with Principals.

·         Attached is a flyer explaining more about this opportunity

2.       PebbleGo Next is now active and a trial is available at with username: captivate and password: 2014.



Jim Belair
School Library System Director
Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES
Desk: (585) 349-9099
Cell: (585) 465-9906
Fax: (585) 349-9090



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