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SLS Update 01/22/2015



1.       Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities.  Please contact Patti Rose or your district PD person to register.

·          Exploring Text Complexity with  Jan 28 (3:30-5:30): Join this interactive hands-on workshop to learn how text complexity and rubrics and reports can be used to enhance literacy activities in your school.  Further explore the Common Core Standards using the resource found in  Additionally, we will show you these tools and resources connect literacy, text, and technology.  Please bring 2-3 books you are using with your students to learn how to use the text complexity tools found in the program.  Note- this workshop is being done online at the CaTS BOCES building, but you could also do this from a computer at school.

·         Marketing your Library.  February 4 (4-5 PM): In this workshop geared for librarians, we will discuss how you can market the library program and your services to your school's community. We will discuss ways to help administrators stay abreast of the library, let teachers know the resources, and keep families informed.

·         Strengthening the Foundation: Preparing Students for College-Level Research (Feb 26, snow date March 5): High School teachers, school librarians, and administrators are invited to attend this unique professional development opportunity led by academic librarians. The focus is college-level skills and traits students need to succeed in post-secondary research projects.  The college librarians will come prepared to share identified areas of student strengths and weaknesses garnered from their faculty concerning research papers, projects, and citations.  Attendees should be prepared to share concerns and questions about their experiences working with students. This three-hour session will include a panel presentation, small group discussions geared around practical ideas to use in the classroom, and time for questions and answers.

                                                               i.      12:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  To register:

                                                 OR (same information, two different sessions)

                                                             ii.      4:00 – 7:00 PM.  To register:

·         Noodle Tools for Teachers and Librarians March 11 (3:45-4:45).  Learn how to use Noodle Tools with your students to streamline and digitize the research process.

2.       Registration is now open for the 2015 NYLA-SSL School Librarian Conference being held April 30-May 2 in Tarrytown, NY.  For more information and to register, please visit:

3.      The Fast Forward Film Festival invites residents in the greater Rochester area to submit independent short films (5 minutes or less) that inspire a deeper connection to the environment. As an incubator for innovative thinking and artistic expression, FFFF encourages films that tap into the local experience, compel audiences to engage with the community, and raise environmental awareness. An acclaimed jury will review the films and select winners who will receive a $1,000 cash prize for each of these categories: (1) most inspiring, compelling, and engaging, (2) most unique perspective, (3) strongest call to action.

·         NO ENTRY FEE. Films of all genres and styles will be accepted, but must be under five minutes in length. Deadline is February 27, 2015. Selected entries will be screened at the Little Theatre to kick off Earth Week on April 17, 2015. Category winners will be screened at the Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House on April 18, 2015.

·         More information may be found by visiting:

4.       Arbordale (Sylvan Dell) has added several new titles to their eBook collection.  All titles include Lesson Plans, Student Handouts, Reading Levels, and CCSS Alignment.  Note, these titles are NOT in your Destiny Catalog yet.  To access, please visit:

·         Animal Eyes: We can tell a lot about an animal from its eyes: whether it is predator or prey, whether it is more active during the day or night, and sometimes even its gender. Award-winning nature photographer and environmental educator Mary Holland shares fascinating animal eyes with readers of all ages

·         Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers: Even powerful birds of prey can get sick or hurt. When that happens, animal helpers at raptor centers come to the rescue! Dedicated staff treats injured, sick, and orphaned animals and then help them find forever homes back in the wild or at education centers. Follow along in this photographic journal as staff and volunteers come together to care for these remarkable birds.

·         Animal Partners: From the “crocodile’s dentist,” to the “mongoose spa,” Animal Partners takes a whimsical look at symbiotic relationships of animals large and small. Although many animals live in groups of the same kind, here you will learn how some animals form unique partnerships with different species. After all, don’t we all need a little help from our friends?

·         Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book: There are many different kinds of clouds all around us. Clouds come in diverse shapes and colors. Some clouds are fluffy and others are wispy.  Some clouds float high in the sky and others sit low on the ground. Some clouds warn of storms and other clouds tell of fair weather.  Compare and contrast the characteristics of different types of clouds through vibrant photographs.

·         Dino Treasures: Just as some people dig and look for pirate treasure, some scientists dig and look for treasures, too. These treasures may not be gold or jewels but fossils. Following in the footsteps of Dino Tracks, this sequel takes young readers into the field with paleontologists as they uncover treasured clues left by dinosaurs.  True to fashion, the tale is told through a rhythmic, fun read-aloud that can even be sung to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

·         The Ghost of Donley Farm: Rebecca the red-tailed hawk, is not afraid of ghosts! One night, she bravely ventures into the barn to meet the famous ghost of Donley Farm. But when she finally meets him, Rebecca is surprised to discover that this "ghost" is much more familiar than she expected. Join Rebecca as she stays up last to talk to her new friend and find out what they have in common and how they are different.

·         Little Gray’s Great Migration: Little Gray loved his lagoon and the humans who came to visit him there. One day, Mama announces that they must swim north to a far-away sea. At first he is sad to leave his home, but Little Gray soon realizes the importance of their journey.  What happens along the way and how does Little Gray help his mother? Swim along with Little Gray as he finds the way to this special, food-filled sea.

·         Salamander Season: One cold, rainy, spring night, a young girl and her scientist father participate in “Salamander Night” to follow hundreds of spotted salamanders as they mate and lay eggs. Together, they study the salamanders through their complete metamorphosis, culminating in the adult salamanders' disappearance into the woods in late summer. In easy-to-understand text, the girl relates the tale through her illustrated, photographic journal.

·         Trees: A Compare and Contrast Book: Trees grow in many habitats, all around the world. Some trees are short and some are tall. Some grow in hot deserts and others grow on cold mountains. Some have leaves that are broad and wide and others are short and narrow. Compare and contrast the different characteristics of trees through vibrant photographs.

5.       Greece Arcadia is in the running for The Follett Video Challenge.  Please help support our friends at Arcadia by voting for them (on a daily basis).  Please visit:

·         This is a Culinary Competition!  With help from a local chef, Culinary Arts students challenge the Administrative staff to a battle in the kitchen to earn bragging rights as top chefs. Parents, students, school and district office staff were in the audience. All proceeds of the ticket sales went to a local food shelf.

6.       Check out this great resource! Using, you can navigate around the world and zoom in on areas to read newspapers - in the native language or in English. This could be a great resource for foreign language, social studies, English, ELL etc.

7.       Reminder, if there are any Online Databases you would like to preview for possible purchase please contact Patti Rose.

8.       Media Library Update

·         Please remind teachers to check the due dates on the audiobooks.  Several are overdue and overdue notices will be going out very soon.  If a teacher or student needs the iPod Shuffle for a longer period of time, please let them know they can renew it.  They can renew it themselves BEFORE it is overdue by signing into the Media Portal.  After the due date, please have them contact Joshua Perks.

·         We have recorded The March and can send copies on DVD to any interested teachers. Please have them use the Off-air Request Form

9.       Update regarding Axis 360.  Baker & Taylor is almost finished with their updated app.  Once it is finished it will allow users to:

·         Only sign in once to their Axis 360 Account (no need for an Adobe Account)

·         Using the App, they can read eBooks or listen to Audio Books

·         They have a new module to allow for Course Reserves- books can be purchased for classroom use and reserved for that purpose and it won’t count against their loan limit.

                                                               i.      Ideal for a school with a 1-to-1 initiative

·         Allow schools to purchase eBooks or audio books through BOCES (yes, it will be aidable)

·         Stay tuned!  I am hoping by next month everything will be in place




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