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SLS Update 01/29/2015



1.       The new app for Axis 360 is now available.  Note, they are still finalizing details with Adobe for DRM- for the next few months, users will still need that extra step until it is integrated.

·         iPhone App:

·         iPad App:

·         Google Play Store:

2.       Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities.  Please contact Patti Rose or your district PD person to register.

·         Marketing your Library.  February 4 (4-5 PM): In this workshop geared for librarians, we will discuss how you can market the library program and your services to your school's community. We will discuss ways to help administrators stay abreast of the library, let teachers know the resources, and keep families informed.

·         Strengthening the Foundation: Preparing Students for College-Level Research (Feb 26, snow date March 5): High School teachers, school librarians, and administrators are invited to attend this unique professional development opportunity led by academic librarians. The focus is college-level skills and traits students need to succeed in post-secondary research projects.  The college librarians will come prepared to share identified areas of student strengths and weaknesses garnered from their faculty concerning research papers, projects, and citations.  Attendees should be prepared to share concerns and questions about their experiences working with students. This three-hour session will include a panel presentation, small group discussions geared around practical ideas to use in the classroom, and time for questions and answers.

                                                               i.      12:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  To register:

                                                              OR (same information, two different sessions)

                                                             ii.      4:00 – 7:00 PM.  To register:

·         Noodle Tools for Teachers and Librarians March 11 (3:45-4:45).  Learn how to use Noodle Tools with your students to streamline and digitize the research process.

3.       NOTE FROM LAT:  If you are using Internet Explorer to access Destiny and you cannot hear your circulation sounds OR if you are using Chrome to access Destiny and your scanner is scanning incorrectly, please contact Karen at so we can help you fix the problem. 

4.       Save the Date:  Dr. Barbara Stripling is coming to Monroe 2 for a full day workshop on Inquiry Based Learning for classroom teachers and librarians.  The Stripling Model of Inquiry is what is specifically mentioned in the recently released NYSED research framework.  The workshop is free to attend!  May 21 from 8-3 at the main BOCES campus.

5.       Attached is a listing of upcoming workshops and activities at the Brockport Public Library- lots of great events for students and adults!

6.       Please remind your teachers….when searching for a streaming video, the BEST option is to search via the Media Portal versus going directly to Learn 360.  Late last year we added another video streaming provider (CCC!).  By going directly to Learn 360, teachers and students will not have access to this content.  Additionally, PBS Learning Media is also available via the Media Portal.  If you have further questions on this, or would like training for you or your staff please contact Joshua Perks.


7.       If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve Noodle Tools, please send them to Patti Rose by February 9.  We will then collate the list and send it on to Noodle Tools from our entire region.

8.       The New York State Library is proud to announce that the Ready to Read at New York Libraries website has been updated and improved. Now included is a page that highlights the overview and goals of this statewide initiative, as well as an interactive map that displays exciting early literacy initiatives in public libraries and library systems across New York State. New early literacy resources have been added, including the Ready to Read at New York Libraries bookmark and logo under Promotional Materials.

9.       The Digies is now accepting student submissions for its annual digital media festival.

·         The Digies is an awards event that celebrates student work that is being done in the digital and fine arts. The festival has four categories for submission: Audio, Images, Publications and Video with each category being broken up into grade ranges. Submissions are uploaded to the Digies website ( by librarians and teachers from participating schools and later judged by a panel of national experts in education and the digital media arts. At the end, we have a very nice celebration and awards ceremony where attendees can view all of the current year's submissions before the winners receive their awards. For more information, please contact Brian Mayer or Liesl Toates.

·         Poster for this event:

·         Brochure for this event:



Jim Belair
Coordinator – School Library Systems
Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES
Desk: (585) 349-9099
Cell: (585) 465-9906
Fax: (585) 349-9090


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