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Vesrion 12.0

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Username Enhancement: Destiny now accepts the single quote/apostrophe (') in patron
usernames. The Irish rejoice.
Processing Needed Flag Update: The Processing Needed flag is more visible.
Login Enhancements: Site-level users can now log in at the district Welcome page.
British Region Format Support: Destiny supports British currency, date, & time formats. The English rejoice. 
Follett Messages: Destiny staff users can receive important messages and news directly from Follett. This can be turned off in Administrator Access Levels if you find it annoying.

Library Manager

Check In Enhancements: A new check in method, Ready Scan, lets you check in materials even faster. You also see the 20 most recent checked in items in the 'Most Recently Checked In' list.
Daily Checkins Report: You can now see an HTML report of today’s checkins right from the Check In screen.
One Search Database Usage Report: To give you the exact information you need, you can limit
the report to a specific date range.
In District ILL
*You can now add an expiration date for an interlibrary loan request.
*Print a packing slip to put with library materials being loaned to another library.
*You can receive a daily email notification of any new holds or ILL requests that need attention.
*Library staff at the requesting school and the requesting patron can delete pending ILL requests (If patrons are permitted to order from other sites in the district). 
*Requests on a library patron’s MyInfo page can now display as  status of ‘Unapproved’.
*Library staff at a lending library can now provide a reason for declining an ILL request.
Audiobook Support: Library Manager reverted to displaying the material type, Sound Recording (non-musical), instead of Audiobook, with the one exception of Follett Audiobook.
Universal Search Update: Universal Search has several new features to make it even easier for your patrons to keep track of resources used and create citation lists by integrating with EasyBib.