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SLS Update 01/26/2016



1.       The SLS just purchased 88 new eBook titles from Cavendish Square (these are different than the ones I sent out the other week).  Attached is a listing of all the new titles.  Karen will be entering these into your catalog in the near future.  Below are the series and the grade ranges for the new titles.  You can access these title NOW by directly visiting the Cavendish Square portal: (no need to log in from school and for home access use the district username/password)

·         Color in my World Series: Primary

·         Shapes Series: Primary

·         Community Workers: Primary

·         Our Holidays Series: Primary

·         My Government Series: Intermediate

·         Colonial People: Intermediate

·         It’s My State Series: Intermediate

·         The Power of Nature Series: Intermediate

·         Great Engineering: Intermediate

·         Primary Sources in US History Series: Intermedia and Middle School

·         Primary Sources in US History: Intermediate and Middle School

·         Deadliest Diseases of All Time: Intermediate and Middle School

·         Primary Sources of the Abolitionist Movement: Intermediate and Middle School

·         Exploring the Ancient and Medieval Worlds: Middle and High School

·         Great Empires: Middle and High School


2.       Karen is putting together a list of Enhancement Requests for Follett Destiny.  If you have items to add to the list, please email Karen at

3.       We have received several new littleBit sets that are available for librarians to use in the libraries (for classroom use, please contact ESP).  The new sets include:

·         Deluxe Kits

·         Gizmos and Gadgets

·         Synth Kits

·         SMART Home Kits

·         Arduino Kits

·         If you would like to borrow a set or two please contact Lindsay Neumire (

4.       Save the date…this year’s tech camp is expanding into a two day event with a focus on Technology, Leadership, and Literature.  The dates are August 17 and August 18.  More information to follow!

5.       The New York State Library is pleased to announce that the 2016 School Library Partner Manual and the 2016 Early Literacy Partner Manual: A Resource for Childcare Providers are available.   The manual contains information for schools and school libraries to partner with a public library or public library system to help all students take advantage of summer reading. It includes full resource lists for books, recordings, and websites related to the 2016 summer reading theme, “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read.”  For more information please visit:

6.       Attached are items for the Teen Book Festival (TBF) for 2016.  One is a bookmark with the authors already booked and the other is a spine label you can print and place on books.

7. is holding a webinar to to find recordings of authors' reactions and insights after winning an award.  This will be held on February 9 from 4-4:30 PM.  For more information please visit:

8.       Upcoming Professional Development workshops from the SLS & Media Dept:

·         Best New Websites of Teaching and Learning on Jan 26 from 3:45-4:45.  Are you looking for new and exciting web-based tools to use  with your students? This course will cover some of the best creative and collaborative websites for the classroom. There will also be time for hands-on exploration of the resources.

·         Creating a Digital Textbook Using Existing eTools on Feb 10 from 12-3.  Within our region there is a wealth of eResources available for students and teachers. The resources range from streaming video, eBooks, online databases, content creation tools, plus many more! Learn how these resources can be combined together to create a digital textbook for students to use from home and at school.

·         Lights! Camera! Action! Creating Student Videos with iMovie (iOS) on March 18 from 8:30-11:30.  There are thousands of educational apps available for iPad devices, but one of the most powerful apps for student learning is iMovie. Utilizing the intuitive features of the app and the built-in functionality of the iPad, students can use iMovie to shoot, edit, and compile several different types of video projects ranging from annotated slideshows to Hollywood-esque book trailers! In this session, learn the basics of using iMovie for the iPad, and discover some creative video projects for your students.

·         LibGuides Advanced on March 22 from 4-5.  So you think you know LibGuides? This workshop is for you! If you feel confident with the basic elements of building LibGuides and are looking to expand your knowledge, this course will cover tips and tricks to make your guides even better. There will also be time for hands-on work with your own LibGuides.

·         Codecademy on March 8 from 3:45-4:45.  Curious about coding? Thinking about coding with your students but not sure where to begin? This course will cover Codecademy, a fantastic FREE coding resource to use with your students (and for your own lifelong learning!). Learn how Codecademy works and how it can be used with students.

·          Amazing Destiny Tools You May Not Be Using (Yet!) on April 19 from 3:45-4:45.  Learn new tricks within Destiny such as tweeting Resource Lists, Using a SMARTPhone to scan ISBN or to circulate books…

·         School Librarians: Deeply Embedded-Fully Collaborative (with Olga Nesi).  Full day on April 26 (Monroe #1 BOCES) or April 27 (Gates Chili High School Library).  Are you the victim of “drive-by” collaboration? Do you get the sense that even if you are teaching all the time, your instruction is not ever fully and systematically embedded into school-wide instructional goals? Do you wish library resources were more seamlessly integrated into classroom instruction? Join us for a day of hands-on, participant centered learning as we share concrete, immediately implementable strategies and a practical plan to deeply embed library instruction and resources into the curricular goals of your building.

·         Best New Children’s Books on May 24 from 4:15-5:15 at Greece Public Library.  How do you raise a reader? What’s new in children’s literature? What’s so important about kids reading books in this online age? Join us for a session with public librarians from the Monroe County Public Library System to learn what is new in children’s literature and find some gems that you can use with your students.

·         Inventory within Follett Destiny on May 10 from 3:45-4:45.  This one-hour class will give you the resources you need to return to your library and conduct an inventory using Destiny Library Manager.

·         Best New Young Adult Books for Grades 6-12 with Kathleen Odean.  Full day on June 21.  More information to follow.




Jim Belair
Coordinator – School Library Systems
Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES
Desk: (585) 349-9099
Cell: (585) 465-9906
Fax: (585) 349-9090


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