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Are you, your staff and students searching for and using audio clips?  Don’t keep a blind eye to music copyright laws.  Soundzabound  ( is a royalty free library of music and sound effects for grades K-12.  Soundzabound audio files are compliant with all copyright laws and may be used for:

·         Video production

·         Podcasting

·         Presentations

·         Web design

·         Digital Storytelling

·         Readers Theater

·         Public events – background music

·         Any educational multimedia form


IP Authentication will log district users into Soundzabound  (you will not need to login).  If accessing from outside of your district, use your school eBook username and password.    The attached file lists all available volumes/subjects areas.


Soundzabound provides many video tutorials including:


Getting Started Video Tutorial

Adding sound to a slideshow

Coverting MP3's to Wavs

Soundzabound and iPad Usage

Finding A Track By Browsing Categories

Tutorial - Create a Podcast in Audacity



Please contact Lindsay Neumire or Cathy Hoose with any questions.




Cathy Hoose

CaTS - Library Automation Team

Monroe 2 – Orleans BOCES

Tel:       585-349-9098


Library Automation Team: